The impacts of new technology of rice production in China Rice is one of the main stable food in China which has the largest population in the world. Because of the large amount of population, food stabilization and food security play significant roles in China, so in recent decades, many new technologies have been used in agricultural production. This paper will mainly discuses the economic impact of new technology in rice production, for example, how does new technology like Green Revolution affects rice supply and how does technology helps educe production cost.

First, the data from China Statistical Yearbook would be collected, I will compare the difference before green revolution and after green revolution in rice production, to analyze the impact of green revolution of rice production. Second, there are other new technology has been used In rice production, like harvesters and other agricultural machinery, before that most agricultural production are did by manpower In China. As a result, the use of agricultural machinery reduced production cost at the same time Improved production efficiency.These are all positive impact of new technology, and will be discussed more specific In this paper. Third, China has large numbers of labor since antiquity, however most of the labor are agricultural population.

Because of new technology used, more and more agricultural labor especially Idle labor can be liberated from agricultural production, and becomes workers. So new technology have big effect on manpower resource and economy. To analyze these points above, we will clearly see the Impacts of new technology of rice production In China.