>From The Little Engine That Could to War and Peace, there are many memorable stories. A memorable story should teach a lesson or give the reader a new outlook on life. Hiroshima, By John Hersey, and The Human Comedy, by William Saroyan, both attempt to do this, but, four major reasons, Hiroshima fails miserably. Firstly, Hiroshima is simply a collection of research and personal interviews, while The Human Comedy has imagination and an original plot. Secondly, The Human Comedy deals with issues that everone can relate to, while Hiroshima deals with a nuclear bomb attack, something that only a few people have actually experienced.

Thirdly, Hiroshima only arouses pity from the reader, while The Human Comedy evokes empathy, amusement, and sadness, as well as pity. Finally, Hiroshima is too complicated for many readers to follow. The Human Comedy uses language anyone can understand to illustrate its points. In light of these reasons, The Human Comedy is a more well-written !
novel than Hiroshima.

The first reason that The Human Comedy is a better publication than Hiroshima is that Hiroshima required little imagination from its author, John Hersey. The novel is simply a collection of atomic bomb survivors' stories. All Hersey needed to do was put them on paper. "Mr. Hersey's style is flat, deleberately, no doubt, but it remains flat.

"() All in all, the stories themselves are powerful, but the novel is unimaginative and leads the reader to no conclusion.
The Human Comedy, on the other hand, is full of imagination. This novel presents the world in a new way. "Saroyan's fancifulness, his ecstatic love and admiration for children and even half-wits, his enthusiasm, his delight, his wonder at everything and anything, his faith in the promptings of the heart over those of the head . . .

his convicton that good always drives out sickness and evil and that love conquers all make him difficult to argue with."( )Additionally, The Human Comedy draws the reader into the story, filling the reader with empathy, for most people have experienced the plights of the characters. This is the second reason The Human Comedy is better than Hiroshima.In The Human Comedy, the reader is drawn into the novel. Part of the reason for this is Saroyan's imagination, and part is the readers empathy with the charecters.
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