The sighn that of sensitive cancer the fourth sighn of the zodiac , the sign characterizsed by deep feeling and protectiveness. YOu are knowdn for being nurtiuing hospitable and imaginative and all you effrot goes into making oyur home a sage place fro ou and the people you cherish.The moon is the ruler of you sign.

and makes ayou a very intuitimve an empathetic aperson. Like the evv and flow of the tide you are both receptive to those ou alove anad willing to offer comfort to return.Being the first of the water signs hou have psychic kpowers and are able to sense feelings and thought in others you feel rather than think When you love someone you truly and deeply and have the desire to connect on a profound level.
As a cancer you rule the fourth howse the sector of the horoscope that described your emothional roots you home you chhildhood and you paren of lesser influence usually your fater most of all the fourth howse stans for attenement to hou inner self.You are a cardinal sigh which meant that you parental instict compel you tp protect and fight for the security of you loved ones. You thrive on drama.

and het stronger in situation of crisis.You strenths lie in your ability to adapt and cooperate and you wonderful was of providin comfort. Uyoui are devoted and selless in you dealing with other which makes you a very dependavbel person. Siince you are attuned you you unconscijous you have a stron imagination and are in tjou with your intuition.