"Grand Cochineal" The "Grand Cochineal" one of the most important products of Mexico and obviously of our state Cacao, this is an insect that is on the Nepal and has a tiny size.

Last Monday our grade went to an museum that told us about this magnificent creature and how his history is related with our culture. This tiny animal was utilized like tribute to the gods that the capote's has on that history.In the museum we did a tour, they explain us the important of this animal, what are his uses that is only one, give color to certain type of things, and they say us that this return is used on certain types of products of our daily life certain like FUD, Struck coffee, yoghurt, and other type of products, after this they shows us some napalms with the "Grand Cochineal" but obviously we can't see them because they are minuscule animals.They shows us the process to have the dust of the animal, and how they give color to this dust, we give a tour to the garden where they contain some Nepal, but it was so tiny the space to walk that the group need to walk carefully because we think that on he grade were some snakes, or some spiders that can attack us, the people of the museum were amicably and they gave us some tablecloths to draw something that we want on it, I draw a scene beach on the afternoon, my drawing were good but I didn't liked so much, we put some liquid on the parts that we didn't want to cover with "Grand Cochineal", after this we introduce the tablecloths on some water that contain red dust of "Grand Cochineal"