Innovation Technology and innovation is something that is believed will pave the way for the Cataracts Company. Cataracts is a huge company but still thrives to stay small. CEO of Cataracts, Howard Schultz believes that the company has to push for reinvention at this point in time and self renewal. They have to remain relevant with their customers where people live, work, play, and on their phone. They've Invested heavily In being the best using social media as well as their loyalty program, and bile technology.

Relevancy cannot Just rely In the four walls of a Cataracts store. Mobile technology is something that Is beginning to be used to help put a boost In business. The success of cataracts begins with the people who grow the coffee to the customer who walks away with their cup to drink. (Schultz, 2013) says, ".

... Let Is not only linked to the physical but the dealt experience. " He says this In response to dollars. It seems as though since Cataracts was created in 1987 many things has changed in the plans of success in 2013.

Managers and Mr..Schultz are listening to their customers and making the proper changes. Almost everyone owns a smart phone and it is believed that future success of the company will be because of new technology.

"Success means never standing still. That's a concept that all innovators, large or small, must embrace, says (Schultz, 2013). With technology being the focus over the next few years there are major changes that are already beginning to take place. Just through faceable alone, Cataracts has gain 54 million fans globally.

This s believed to be happening because of the access have to information.Another major change is how people are paying for their Cataracts. Recently there has been boost in customers paying for their coffee via smart phone. Latest reports have shown that Cataracts is receiving almost 3 million mobile payments a week through their mobile application. With Cataracts now having 18,000 stores in 62 countries it has come a long way from 1987 when it had only 11 stores and 100 employees. Technology and innovation will be a continuing concern as well as exceeding the expectations of the company while focusing on the customer.