Technology and happiness Technology has changed our lives but has It made our lives any better? Some believe technology makes people happier because, people want to upgrade their electronics to new, more efficient pieces of equipment. The question is rather or not this new advances technology leads to happiness. Technology has created some wonders. We have walked the moon, made aviation, land, water, and rail transport possible and we have broken the sound barrier. People have been progressing for thousands of years, and we still are.Researchers are looking to Improve current technology and come up with modern, efficient devises to Improve our lives.

If we were to stop emerging with new Inventions, I feel we would be very unhappy. I believe that the technology Is what makes us happy. The microwave is a prime example of technology making us happy. Many people would be angry if we get ride of is, because it is a helpful and time saving device, and the everyday mission is to be time saving. People would not be able to cook hot meal for lunch when they were short on time, or make a fast hot inner from yesterdays leftovers.The items that are efficient make society happy.

Technology Is, In some forms, directly related to happiness. Simple devices have been developed to make almost every aspect of life easier. Cellular phone, laptop computers, and remote controls are a few examples. Almost every single one of these devises has a thing in commend. It is the ability to get in touch with our love ones.

We are in constant contact with friend and family, and we are sitting for hours in front of the screen, of a computer, TV or mobile phone.It seems, as we have become addicts to technology, and Is has become a habit, and sometimes that habit get the better of us. Not everyone Is cursed by these devises. More than 50% of the people In the world have never made or received a telephone call.

Some people will say that technology and small electronic devises are controlling our life and that a day without them seems hard to survive, and a lifetime Impossible. That may seem true. In the article Theology and happiness posted in "The New Yorker" by JamesCoursework, he raises some big question about Technology and happiness. "Is It possible that technology, Instead of liberating us, Is holding us back? Is technological progress merely a treadmill, and Is so, would we be happier If we stepped off of It? " Is Coursework right about technology holding us back, are we less happy now than we once were? We could take the letter for example. To receive a letter is cheerful, special and something you waited for to show up in your hallway at your house or in the mailbox.

We all know the thrilling when we open the letter there took days to arrive. The way the words were chosen carefully and they had to be meaning full so they all could fit on the paper. Not to forget they were written In hand, with the writers' own unique handwriting and own emotions. The letters today have been replaced with emails, which can be written in less than a minute and reaches its destination in seconds. This quick communication has led to a lack of emotion in the words. Its no longer chosen with care, they are cut down and shorten to save time hill writing.

The beauty of the letter is not gone. If you are expatriated on a foreign assignment or just on vacation a letter, or the computer program Keep Is an a mission for the military have the emotions of the moment. The words is not chosen but said as the first thing there comes to your mind when you see a picture or thinks of the family at home. Technology is not holding us back, if I were to answer the question that James Coursework asks. It's a way to develop Jobs, hobbies and connection between us all.