Today's world technology has changed a lot. Technology especially has changed our way to communicate; 70 years ago we Just had telegrams and phones only. Nowadays we use our cellophane to chat, message, and others.

In the past decade technology has widespread communication into a form of been in touch with the lovers. Advances in communication have created a blast in the way we communicate with others by fax, emails, cellophanes, text, and Social Medias.The benefits of this are that companies are saving money, The way their saving none Is that they don't need to send their employees to other country Just to agree or disagree in there meeting. Now we create video conference it save times and money. In addition, it give you an interaction with them by video is like been in there conference room without taking airplane and leave your family for work. According to Achieved (2013) "Integrating technology Into the workplace offers productivity enhancements essential to remaining competitive.

For small businesses, technology can replace extra employee expenses, minimize geographic differences and help project a professional Image. Increased technology may require employee training to ensure new technology devices are used correctly and Integrated seamlessly into daily business processes". Other benefit is that people that can't afford to fly to see their family, now they could communicate by all this services that technology offers. Therefore, technology has come to save money and to help people that can't afford to see their family.

Another ways is that technology has created much different way to reach someone. If the cellophane dies we still use computers faxes, cards and others that the benefits of technology. The downside technology has depended a lot in technology and has cause people to become lazy. For example, they slightly are In screen rather than Face-to-Face is bad for health. Many people use computers for long hours without thinking about what would happen to their spine back.On the other hand, backs are not the only ones affected; by sitting for long period of time in front of a bright light directly to the eyes, It could cause eyestrain.

According to NOSH, "More than sixty million Americans alone, suffer from eye related problems from the use of computers". People involved into technology for their work or just for fun all day, very day tend to be isolated from the real life. Because of Some technology like phones and computers, people are becoming more and more isolate.These days' kids prefer playing In the computer Instead of going outside. That being said, technology is making people's movement limited only in their house.

" Data shows that those who use the internet frequently spend over 100 minutes less time with technology and communication has still their up and down. But that doesn't mean that we should leave our style of communication. There will be new fancying gadgets to communicate, we should adapt them but also keep in mind that we still need to pep our roots of interacting face to face rather than camera to camera.