Assignment 1 HCA 340 When entering the business field it is of vital importance to have a strategic plan.

However, over time strategies may change and plans will need to be altered in order to ensure that the business stays relevant and that the business will continue to increase market share while continuing the business endeavor. Many have seen it time and time again where companies start out with a business plan and refuse to tweak it in order to meet consumer demand and they eventually fall from the industry leader that they once were (QuickMBA, 2011).For example, a prominent company such as Microsoft has been caught ignoring the mobile market, but now the smartphone era has become centerfold and they are nowhere near the top like there are with PCs. The same goes for any industry, including the medical field. The Community South Medical Center is a great place for care for nearly any issue that you could think of.

They had pulmonary services, a neurosurgery center, a major trauma center, etc. However, even though they were advanced in all aspects of the medical field, they started to see company issues when well-known, large businesses started leaving the area where they were located. Also you can read this paragraph - "Define Swott Analysis".Whether the businesses left to take up offers in other cities or if competition got in there way is unknown, but the fact that their customer class was changing and they were in need of new faculty was becoming a cause for concern. It is necessary for Community South Medical Center to revise the strategic mission of the organization from three years ago and find a way to get the medical center back on track.

The strategic plan has not even been touched for three years, so there are countless things that have changed throughout the city they are located.Businesses have moved and technology has changed, in turn, changing the outlook of the company. It is the perfect time to step in and turn the business back around where it should be before it becomes too late. The CEO should definitely address the issues confronting Community South Medical Center before spending any long waiting. The long the CEO waits, the longer the company gets behind and becomes less relevant in the medical industry. The plan for the company should express the need for new faculty (Namac.

org, 2011). They are experiencing a shortage of clinical staff that is essential to their success.Finding ways to attract and hire the most highly qualified and trained individuals will help give potential patients the push they need to visit this medical center the next time they see fit. The fact that the medical center has begun to lack according to JCAHO compliance is something that should not be tolerated under any circumstances and needs to be turned around immediately. The interesting thing is that it was probably in the first strategic plan as well. Finally, the company needs to find ways to budget in upgraded information technology systems and facility infrastructure.

All of this can work together to create an environment that will attract the financial mix they need to achieve success. It is important to make sure to include the executive members for the strategic management team. The strategic management team has great experience in the previous success of the company and can bring it back to its roots in turns of what made the company thrive. This effort would help with market trends and reverse the current concepts that were being followed that brought the company down.

The market trends that are currently being seen involve the movement of big business as well as a change in infrastructure that is hurting the company. The Community South Medical Center has already been affected and will continue to be affected with these market trends because it has hurt the strong financial mix that they once had. The medical center can prepare for these market trends by finding ways to cope with the change and stressing the fact that they can provide top care. There are pros and cons that come with the newly found needs for the medical center.The pros are that the company has the strengths in terms of customer satisfaction as well as years in business. The cons are that the company has weaknesses dealing with emerging technology and changing market trends.

The opportunity the company faces is whether or not they want to stay relevant and re-invent themselves in a way that benefits the community, however the threat that comes along with this is that if they fail, it will most likely be too late to recover and they will hurt their, once flawless, reputation.All of these traits correlate to the issues confronting Community South Medical Center because they deal with the choices that the company needs to make and what will be effective when they make those choices. There are many different instances when a change in an organizations strategic plan may be necessary. However, it is imperative that the right time and the right people are chosen to help on this delicate mission (ManagementHelp. org, 2011).

As with the business above, Community South Medical Center was once a flawless company that had no reason to think they would ever need to change a thing.However, times changed and so did their customers. Luckily, Community South Medical Center is able to catch this upcoming catastrophe early on and the medical center should get back up on its fit with no problem and becoming the unstoppable, one stop shop for all medical needs before any problems arise. With the right method, and paying close attention to the areas in which the business is lacking, the strategic management team will be able to find a way to make and keep the business relevant in all matters and with all competition.While competition wasn’t necessarily the case in this specific situation, an area where competition had eaten up the major businesses in the area was around and that is the main reason why the Community South Medical Center ended up in the position they were in. Hopefully management will be able to learn from the steps that the CEO took in his effort to bring the company back to the stage and find ways to do the same throughout any other business ventures and career paths.

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