Executive Summary The mission statement of Sunnyside Daycare is continued commitment to the provision of quality childcare services in the UK. In line with the mission statement, the company is focused on ensuring that children from dual income families with ages of between 3 and 5 years access the best care ever that would enable them grow into responsible adults. Benus (1994) affirms that the mission statement would guide the entire operations of the business and ensure that the set goals of the business would be achieved as required.

The partnership business would stick to the promises made in the mission statement to ensure that all the services are provided as promised. This would promote satisfaction among the consumers and improve their loyalty to the business. Sunnyside Daycare is a partnership emanating from the investment of the two entrepreneurs. The business would have ten employees including cleaners, assistant cleaners, drivers and teachers.

This number of employees is deemed effective and would contribute significantly to the provision of quality services at the business in line with the desired goals. The business would be located in Aldgate East as the region is more accessible and conducive for the care of children. More so, Aldgate East only has three childcare companies and the company would get a faster access into the market. It would be able to compete with other companies in the area effectively and ensure that it builds confidence among the customers.

Aims and Objectives of the Business One of the key aims of Sunnyside Daycare is to offer daily childcare services to the dual income families with children aged between 3 and 5 years. The business is aimed at giving parents the opportunity to take part in other activities by relieving them from the duty of taking care of their children aged between 3 and 5 years. In the course of taking care of these children, the company would ensure that they take part in educational activities that would help to improve their lives as they grow up. The services would be offered on a daily basis to ensure that parents have time to attend their jobs and engage in other activities with the assurance that their children are in safe hands. Another significant aim of the business is to offer other physical activities such as Tae-Kwondo and football. The encouragement of physical activities would be a priority of the company as it looks forward to nurturing talent among these children.

Children are supposed to discover their talents at an early age, and the company would be ocused on ensuring that this happens. This would also contribute to the value of education that is offered to these children at the company. The objective of Sunnyside Daycare is to provide childcare services with excellent quality in the whole of the United Kingdom. The provision of quality services is a key priority in the business and is a key objective that would guide overall operations at the company. The business is objected at ensuring that childcare in the UK gets a new experience through improving the quality of the services offered. Oehler, Pukthuanthong, Rummer and Walker (2006) agree that this objective would also ensure that the company ranks at the top of the list in matters of childcare provision in the entire United Kingdom.

The Business Environment (Competitor Analysis) Competitors are inevitable forces in any industry. Simmons, Armstrong, & Durkin (2008) confirm that the success of any business is based on proper identification and analysis of the operations of competitors to take advantage of any weaknesses exhibited by the competitors. The three key competitors that Sunnyside Daycare would be facing in Aldate East include Caleeda Ltd, Simply Angelic Nannies & Household, and The Modern Nanny Agency. It is vital to understand the strategies employed by all these competitors to ensure that there is improvement in their areas of weakness.

All these competitors offer educational services to the children that they take care of. They have invested heavily in education and are focused on ensuring that children grow up with the love for education and with minds that are focused toward ensuring that there is success for these children. Again, all these companies offer physical activities such as sporting activities for the children they take care of, hence ensuring that they grow up as flexible individuals. They are also capable of nurturing the skills of children at an early age through the sporting activities that are offered at their companies. This also attracts many parents who opt to take their children to such institutions with the belief that they would grow into responsible individuals with diverse talents.

However, amid these competencies, Sunnyside Daycare comes with a new profitable service referred to as “Children Delivery Services”. This is a unique service aimed at ensuring that children are transported from one place to another. They can be picked and dropped effectively at their homes; this is a profitable service that is not common with other childcare companies. This service will boost the competitiveness of the company and ensure that it acchieves its goals of providing the best healthcare services in the UK. Product/Service Description Sunnyside Daycare is focused on offering childcare services to dual income parents in the UK. It is aimed at ensuring that it offers daily care services for children aged between the age of 3 and 5 years and allows their parents to take part in other activities.

Notably, the business would also offer educational services to these children as a part of the provision of the care service. Effective care would be taken and parents would be sure that these children are able to grow up in a normal manner with better attitudes and overall positive approaches to life. Accordingly, physical activities would also be provided in line with the daily care. This is aimed at nurturing the talents of these children and ensuring they discover other things they can do apart from their educational abilities. These services envisaged to be highly quality services that would influence the entire experience of childcare in the UK. These would be renewed services aimed at improving the growth of children in the UK.

The Marketing AreaThe target market of the business is dual-income parents with children aged between 3 and 5 years. This comes with the understanding that London has more dual-income families with kids compared to single-income families. The aim of this business is such families and also it is aimed at ensuring that their children access the best services possible that would facilitate proper growth of the kids. This market is targeted because it can also be noted that there are a few companies to provide such services in the UK. Sunnyside Daycare would have a proper opportunity to succeed in this market.

Walker (2005) reiterates that the Unique Selling Point (USP) for Sunnyside Daycare is the profitable service called “Children Delivery Services”. Most organizations in the childcare services do not have this services and it is a great opportunity for Sunnyside Daycare. This service ensures that children are picked and dropped from their homes hence promoting efficiency in their movements. The Financial Area Sunnyside Daycare requires a startup capital of approximately 70,000 pounds. These costs are divided as follows: 30,000 pounds would be for capital goods, 25,000 pounds would cater for salaries and wages and 15,000 pounds are for other operating expenses. Partners would invest 50,000 pounds into the business and would seek another 20,000 pounds through a bank loan from Barclays Bank.