Squad Training Management PE • 1. You are a member of Special Troop Battalion, 3d BCT, 10th Mountain Division. Your battalion will deploy to Iraq within six months. The battalion commander approved your unit’s METL. The METL identifies critical tasks for each platoon and now it is time for squad leaders to select tasks to train that support the platoon’s critical tasks. 2. The platoon’s critical tasks are as follows: a. Conduct unit operations. Subject Area 22: Unit Operations 071-326-5503 Issue a Warning Order 071-326-5502 Issue a Fragmentary Order 551-88N-3043 Prepare for Unit Move 71-326-3013 Conduct a Tactical Road March 551-88N-3042 Plan a Unit Move b. Guard detained prisoners of war. Subject Area 24: Enemy Personnel 4250. Supervise the Processing of Detainees at the Point of Capture 191-377-4252 Supervise the Escort of Detainees 181-105-2002 Conduct Combat Operations According to the Law of War 191-377-4254 Search a Detainee 191-377-4256 Guard Detainees c. Treat casualties. Subject Area 2: First Aid 081-831-1058 Supervise Casualty Treatment and Evacuation 081-831-1001 Evaluate a Casualty 081-831-1007 Perform First Aid for Burns 81-831-1011 Establish a Saline Lock 081-831-1046 Transport a Casualty d. Perform in a Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear (CBRN) environment. Subject Area 3: Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear 031-503-1023 Protect Yourself from Chemical, Biological, and Nuclear (CBRN) Injury/Contamination when Changing Mission-Oriented Protective Posture (MOPP) Gear 031-503-1015 Protect yourself from CBRN injury or contamination with MOPP gear 031-503-1018 React to Nuclear hazard/attack 031-503-1024 Replace your canister on your M-40 series protective mask e.

Implement combat survival techniques in area of operation. Subject Area 4: Survive (Combat Techniques) 071-410-0012 Conduct Occupation of an Assembly Area 071-000-0006 React to man-to-man combat 071-326-0501 Move as a member of a fire team 071-410-0002 React to direct fire while mounted 071-326-3002 React to indirect fire while mounted 3. Use the class reference material to select the appropriate tasks for your squad to train that support the platoon’s critical tasks. Record your answers (title and task number) in the comment box. The references for this training can be found in STP 21-24-SMCT