SPIRITUAL REFLECTIONS ON THE DAILY BIBLE READINGS September 1, 2009 Psalm 1:1-6 – As I read through this passage, one phrase hit me in a way I have never considered before: “Blessed is the man who does not… stand in the way of sinners…” I have definitely read this verse before, however I have always interpreted it to mean “stand like sinners” as in blessed is he who does not in some way or another act like a sinner. But this time, I read it as blessed is he who does not stand between someone and sin, as though we are instructed not to impede a sinner in their depravity.In one way, this seems nonsensical, however at a closer glance it makes sense; sinners are not sinners because they sin, so stopping their sin does not solve any problems. Curing their sinfulness, however, does.

Perhaps we are not to seek adhesion to righteous living from the unrighteous, but rather their surrender to Christ to receive His perfect righteousness. Profound. September 2, 2009 Psalm 2:1-6 – These verses speak such truth into the spiritual climate that exists in America today.The rulers and governing bodies consistently try to devalue Christianity’s role in the American lifestyle, scoffing at beliefs as superstitious and working to “throw off [our] fetters.

” I love the Lord’s response – laughter. He is so far above us! September 8, 2010 Psalm 6:1-5 – I love the utter dependence David is placing on God for his salvation. In his trials and distress, as great and as many as they were during his life, he looked only to God for salvation, the only true source of salvation around. Because of this, even in his anguish and pain, he was never alone.

The comfort of God’s sovereignty was always present with the hurt.September 10, 2010 Psalm 7:1-8 – I love David’s reference to the lion in verse two. For me, it comes to life so vividly because we know of David’s own first hand experience with the lion that he gives to King Saul right before he fights Goliath. So when David names God as the only one who can rescue him from the lion, he does so with complete trust that God is fully able to rescue him, because he has done it before. He is an authoritative source on lion salvation. September 14 Psalm 9:7-12 – The promise in verse 10 is so comforting – that the Lord will never forsake those who seek Him.

It reminds me of a quote that I heard from Dr.Charles Stanley that says something like “God takes full responsibility for the life fully devoted to him. ” In no way can we take this to mean a promise of safety, comfort, or wealth, but it is a promise of proximity and relationship, two incomprehensible things for humanity from the Divine. September 17 Psalm 10:7-12 – The author’s command to God at the close of this passage for him to not forget the helpless shows a very interesting side of our human condition during trials. It is almost as though we forget about God’s sovereignty that we so often praise.

Things start to be tough, and we think that the Lord is gone and has forgotten us.Oh for His eyes in life… September 22 Psalm 12:6-8 – I love the words David uses to describe the words of the Lord in verse 6 – “flawless”. The depth of this concept is amazing, because it goes beyond describing the Lord’s words as great, powerful, and relevant; it marks them as perfect, without any flaw. It reminds me that scripture is much more than wise counsel – it is God’s perfect word spoken unto us to allow us the incomprehensible privilege of knowing him. September 24 Psalm 14:1-7 – As I read through this passage, I was deeply reminded of my sinful flesh that continues, even in my salvation, to rebel against the Lord.

David writes the truth that as God looks down from heaven he sees not even one who seeks him, not even one who obeys. Here we are a rebellious humanity, deeply unworthy of the Lord’s grace and relationship, and yet having it, we continue to rebel. Lord, forgive me. September 27 Psalm 16:7-11 – The rejoicing of David in this verse is so beautiful and poetic as he revels in the Lords salvation. I love the emphasis he puts on the continual nature of God’s salvation, noting that the Lord counsels him and has made known to him the path of life.God does not save us and then leave us to live out our life according to our best guess of his will.

He saves us and then in relationship with us leads us to his perfect plan. It is beautiful. October 1 Psalm 18:1-6 – This passage takes on vivid life when you take into consideration David’s history that he endured as described in 1 & 2 Samuel and 1 & 2 Kings. So often he found himself in the shadow of death, in positions where he could not expect to survive, and it was God who protected him, who served as his “refuge” and “shield.

I especially love David’s description of God hearing his cries from within His heavenly temple at the end of verse 6. It is a beautiful picture of a loving God who delights to protect and save his people. October 6 Psalm 18:30-36 – What a beautiful description of the majesty and true divinity of God! David repeats his adoration of the word of God as flawless, and continues on to paint him as the one true God, the only one who can save. In a world that was dominated by polytheism, this claim is more than a song. It was a rebellion from the popular culture in order to ascribe to the Lord the praise due his glorious Name.October 9 Psalm 19:1-6 – Though I do not often get a chance to see the night sky unadulterated by the lights of civilization, I am reminded of one night when I did while camping far outside civilization in the New Mexican desert.

I was able to see the increased thickness of stars where the Milky Way stretches out into the far distance. Without question, the majesty and reality of God screamed to me that night, it was impossible to look and not believe. I think this is what David was getting at in this passage – he saw the glory of God in the heavenly night sky, and was amazed at God’s greatness.October 11 Psalm 20:1-9 – David’s opening benediction is beautiful – a blessing that anyone would seek from someone as close to the heart of God as David. But what I loved most within this passage is verse 7, which I have heard before but never taken so closely to heart as I have now.

I love the ramifications presented here, and the distinction that it convicts believers to live out as we seek God in the midst of living life on Earth. While the world trusts in their own hands and the things that they create, we trust in the hands of God and his plan for humanity!