Foundation Course in Humanities and Social Sciences Tutor Marked Assignment (TMA) Course Code: BSHF-101 Assignment Code: BSHF-101/AST/TMA/2012-13 Total Marks: 100 A.

Descriptive Category Questions (DCQ) answer any two in 500 words each: 1. Analyse the evolution of man as a tool making animal. 20 2. Does the post – Industrial society differ from the Industrial society? Explain 20 3. Analyse the role of Gandhi in the National Movement. 20 4.

How do you assess the performance of Indian Economy during the initial years of Globalization (since 1991)? 20 B. Middle Category Questions (MCQ) answer any four in 250 words each: 5. Discuss the achievements of Renaissance in the field of art and architecture. 12 6.

Has the Indian Economy made any progress in the field of Distributive justice? 12 7. Discuss the directive Principles of State policies. Discuss the fundamental Rights guaranteed by the Indian Constitution. How are the different? 12 8.

What role do non-state actors play in the democratic process? Discuss. 12 9. What role does coordination play in the management of organizations? Discuss. 12 10. Discuss the concept of governance.

Is fostering openness in the system a part of good governance. 12 11. How do you look at the concept of ‘Human Security’? D iscuss. 12 12. Discuss the concept of “Digital Divide”.

How do you think it can be bridged? 12 C. Short Category Questions (SCQ) 6+6 a) b) c) d) Secularism Bharatnatyam Ellora Paintings Kyoto Protocol 4