Social networking is the first topic that was presented into my brain when I heard the words, “modern American. ” It appeals to me more than any other topic because of the fact that I am very involved in social networking. Facebook, Twitter, and even Tumblr are almost constant aspects of my life. Social networking may have not been around since the early beginnings of America, but in the past ten years, it has advanced tremendously. From the early networks such as Myspace and MyYearbook to today's Facebook and Twitter, people from all around America have been able to interact with each other through the simple click of a mouse. It enables most, if not all, Americans to communicate and acquire important information faster. Although social networking has begun to distract many teenagers from finishing their school homework faster and more efficiently, I believe social networking has had a very positive impact on America. It allows us to reconnect with old friends, communicate with our current ones, and in some cases, meet new family members. There has been speculations about whether or not social networking sites are safe for Americans. However, most, if not all, sites have advanced privacy settings that enable you to filter who receives the information you submit to the Internet. Overall, most social networks have made a positive impact on American society. Many movies and books have been inspired by social networking sites, the most common being Facebook. Also, most social networking sites are talked about on news channels. Music is another topic that defines modern America. This topic appeals to me in more ways than one. To make a very long story short, music may as well rule my life. During the school day, I am either singing in my choir class or listening to my iTunes. It is truly amazing how you can have nothing in common with a person until you figure out their taste in music. If it is in fact the same, it can unite two very different people. It has no racial preference or age limit. Listening to one simple song can completely turn a person's entire day around. Music has appeared everywhere in America's history. Genres such as hip-hop, jazz, country, rap, and techno have been derived from the different cultures that have streamed into the United States. Music has been streaming into the ears of Americans since the beginning of America's creation. Throughout the history of America, music has remained the same as everything else in our country was either being destroyed or being re-built. Although it has evolved and different genres have been formed, it has generally remained constant. Music has always brought people together, even in the hardest of times. This topic appears everywhere in literature and media. Many famous performers have had movies dedicated to their lives and books written about their personal journeys. Some television shows and channels are dedicated to the simple art of broadcasting music and anything related to music. Fashion is another great topic I would be very interested in researching for this project. I have always been interested in all types of clothing, shoes, jewelry, etc. Since the beginning of America, fashion has evolved tremendously. The Industrial Revolution brought in a huge growth in the fashion industry. As a result of this economic boom, factories from around America could make different types of fashion items more efficiently and cheaply. At first, only more wealthy families could afford fashion items. However, when America saw an end to the Great Depression, and people had more money, the fashion industry became more accessible to the less wealthy. In modern day America, most citizens are concerned with whether or not they “fit in. ” This is more often associated with modern teenagers, but some adults fit into this category also. With fashion styles and trends constantly changing, some Americans feel the need to purchase clothes that fit those trends. Even many careers revolve around the fashion industry. Also, careers not directly involved with fashion benefit from the industry. Consequently, not only do modern Americans want to wear the clothes that are considered fashionable, some revolve their careers around it. With media and literature, there are a lot of movies and books that center around fashion. News networks and most newspapers send journalists to attend fashion week so they can write stories about the week dedicated to fashion. There are also magazines, television shows, and music about fashion and the fashion industry.