Because of the technology development, people try to turn themselves away from the traditional way of sharing, presenting or exchanging their ideas and information to he online content form through Webb. O, the second generation of world-wide-web that encourage users to become accessibility in the internet community and can create their own information by using Blobs, Feeds, Content Communities or Social network. In the business view, these can be the helpful tools for implementing its marketing.Social media marketing is the process of constructing and generating the value of product or service by using the means of interaction between the marketers and the customers through the Internet base such as Backbone, Twitter, Mainstream r Youth.

The organizations seem to use the social media marketing to share or collaborate with the employee or people outside the organization. This essay outlines some arguments of the necessity for doing social media marketing in business and the analysis of the effective method for the organizations to use in the social media marketing.The Impact of Social Media Marketing on Business The use of social media is growing and has become the new trend of marketing to contact and share the business information. The researchers have investigated that he social networking accounts will be reached to 3 billion by 201 5 (Radiate 2011, cited by Thacker et al. 2012).

This number reflects to the increase of using social media by both individual and organizations. It has become the popular trend for marketer to challenge in the social media. Marketers might take these opportunities to use the social media as the tools for achieving their objective.Recently, many businesses try to apply this trend to the organizations because of the widespread belief in the social media marketing benefits.

Nair (2009, quoted in Mitotic and Copulas, 2012) stated that because of rich features and interactive nature in social media, it could create potential to support the relationship of business and its customer. Now, It is common for the business to lunch its account in social media in order to protect relevance among competitor and enhance the connection (Mitotic and Copulas, 2010).As an influence of social media marketing, the businesses may be aware of the indispensable social media tools, which do not only concentrate on customers but also focus on an overall business performance both inside and outside views (Sweatband and Thomson, 2010). For the marketer's perspective, one strategy that can be shown out is that social media marketing is beyond marketing (Ramirez, 2010). The Attitude of Business toward Social Media Marketing There is the critical thinking of applying social media marketing to the business.Some businesses do not work this strategy out because they do not think that it will be an effective method to the organization.

Some may think that it will help the organization. Since there was the development in the social media marketing, some businesses recognize its importance and try to adapt these marketing tools at first tag. However, a major number of the businesses are still lagging behind (Chain and Gullet, 2011). This possibility shows that some businesses ignore to apply these marketing tools.

Business appears to use traditional way of marketing because there is some lack of information in doing social media marketing.It seems that the use of social media tends to be only a fashionable method to communicate with other people. Business may get involve in social media marketing easily but without paying money to work on it, there is nothing to lose (Nevi and tourist, 2012). For example, the equines like the plastic manufacturer prefers to pay on its advertising in the plastic magazine as this can measure the eyeballs from the number of its printed and attract directly to their target rather than using free service of online marketing like social media tools to distribute their information.

Moreover there is no any research on profit earning by using social media (Maddox, 2009). Business might concern a lack of technical measurement and the data analysis of using social media to raise the brand development (Prizewinners, 2012). Therefore, the social media marketing eight be doubted to use as a tool for determining the financial status in the business. The Advantages of Social Media Marketing The main usage of social media is to interact with other people by using the Internet as a centre.Once the marketing was added at the end, it became "social media marketing" which has the various benefits to use this marketing tool.

Chain and Gullet (2011) argue that the major idea of using social media marketing is to create the business's online channel. However, some businesses tend to use social media for receiving the customer feedback and develop the relationship. As a means of access to the customer, the use of social media in customer service, promotion, investigation product development and building initiatives were applied to its target. (True and Menageries, 2013).

For example, Struck, the coffee company, applied social media marketing to its Passbooks vantage by randomly rewarding followers discount, reply the customer's feedback and provide the value rather than posting it's product information. Thus, the followers feel comfortable and enjoy engaging in Struck vantage for the regular basic. It can be seen that the social media racketing can increase the number of customers, the business value and brand image after the customers appreciate to participate in the business's social media and continue to share their experiences to other people.Rather then using the social media as the marketing tools to achieve the brand reputation, some business might apply them for the internal issue. For instance, Ramirez (2010) points out that using the social media to attract the outstanding candidates can help the business to save money and easily qualify the potential applicants. The Disadvantages of Social Media Marketing As a rapid increase of use of social media marketing, there are some negative effects that businesses would like to focus on while using this marketing tool.

These prospective mistakes should be concerned.The security of the business involves in the customer's information such as financial status or personal data and the business's confidential information (Tune and Menageries 2013). These appear to be the careless points when using social media marketing. While sharing the product information or receiving the feedbacks from the customers in the social media sites, the data can leak to the competitors. Because of the nature in social media, it can share any messages freely over the Internet platform and this action is impossible to control.

There is a possibility that the dangers of the Internet can be occurred from inside and outside of organization. Header and Brown (2010) mention that Rather than the threat from Hacker or someone who try to stolen other's information, when the employees inside the organization sharing the information by using their own media, these can create the information leakage in the company. Additionally, the social media may not cover all areas of the marketing. Implementing other online marketing strategy such as buy an advertisement on website could be another efficient ways to raise the customer attention.For example, SASS, the fashion trading website, purchases banner ads on search engines such as Google or Yahoo, or pop up ads on other websites to persuade the customer clicks and create the easy way to access to SASS weeping. In order to apply the social media marketing, business should be aware of the understanding on using this media tools.

It is sub-division under the online marketing (Chain and Gullet, 2011). The Effective Method to Apply Social Media To work social media marketing effectively, the business should acknowledge the use of these tools and focus on their main benefit.The most essential concept to apply the social media marketing tools is to understand their functions. In each social media, they have their own characteristics to build the reliable communication among the users and business might take their advantages to apply in the marketing (Ryan et al. 2013).

With sharing the different source of the business information, Youth could match to share their video advertising or Twitter can use to share heir short message including business slogan or the quote to build brand image.Business should set up a distinct strategy to meet the marketing direction, know its audience's use of social media and select the right social media to engage their own style. To match the right position in the market, it cannot deny that social media can help the business to progress their action perfectly (Chain and Gullet, 2011). For instance, after deciding to choose the young target as the main purpose for redesigning Ford Fiesta in 2010, Ford launched the campaign "Fiesta Movement" and started to share the campaign in their Passbooks account.At that time, there were almost 27 million of Passbooks users that were in between 18-29 year old (Smith, 2010). They selected 100 young drivers from thousands of candidates to drive a new Fiesta for a whole year and these selects had to participate in their own social media's account while driving new Ford Fiesta.

The winner was rewarded to the person who had a good performance for showing Fiesta as a part of his life in social media.Therefore, Ford's position is to be the first brand awareness for the new drivers by create viral marketing through social media and its strategy is not to engage customer by presenting the product's information but using people as a part of its marketing (Schultz, 2013). Once the social media marketing were implemented, business should maintain and stay connected to their audience. In order to maintain relationship, the level of activities in the social media should be created at all time (Nevi and Tortes, 2012).

It seems to be the possibility that one business can engage in all social media tools. With an increasing of Ford's brand awareness, in 2014, Ford launched Fiesta car to the market while they continued updating their product by sing Youth to embed the video advertising of Fiesta Movement campaign and shared to their Backbone. Ford also created their own account on Twitter and Mainstream in order to expand the customer's bases and distribute the campaign using the washrag, #Postponement, that users can search for all the massages related to its campaign.Ford now is very successful for the young driver's brand recognition (Schools, 2013).

However, to increase the relationship by creating the connection between business and the customer might be the hardest challenge (Waters and Kamala, 2011, quoted in Thacker et al, 2012). Hence, before posting the business's information, the marketer should be aware of the feedback as these marketing tools can be served into two directions: social benefit or personal identification (Header and Brown, 2012). Finally, ensuring the control system can be done to measure the effective social media marketing.Business may form the services department to respond the feedbacks or any complaints from customers, and reply them immediately. It should be noted that every comments from customer couldn't be avoided (Chain and Gullet, 2011).

Nevertheless, It would be highly effective to take everyone in the business involved in the social media marketing as ensuring the control system. Employee actions also reflect to the business performance in the social media. To take the hospital business as an example, patient's information have be kept as the confidentiality.It might be an accident issue while the nurse posted the patient's x-ray on her Backbone (Header and Brown, 2010). However, this effective method would not certainly work in some area such as banking business that social media may lack of safety control and can affect bank standard and its thoughtful nature (Mitotic and Copulas, 2012).

Conclusion Social media marketing can be the new trend for increasing the business performance. The studies show many arguments that these marketing tools should be implement in the business.Business can apply the social media marketing strategy not only for the external results such as increase sales or brand royalty but also the internal factors such as recruit effective team worker or achieve business goal. The social media marketing would be certainly work in the business as the effective method provided above. Even though this marketing tools might be useless for some business sectors such as bank industry or trading website, overall they can e the benefit for increasing the customer relationship and brand image.