1. What news story have you decided upon? Answer: I have decided on the North Korea Nuclear weapon test 2. Why have you chosen this news story? What interests you about it? Answer: the topic is interesting to me because I find the whole issue of nuclear testing and the way countries take different positions as intriguing.

The issue of nuclear tests and the fact that North Korea has been insisting on testing the nuclear has been in the news for a while and I have developed a keen interest in the issue. This is why I want to know what has been going on in the news about the issue and what measures are being undertaken to tackle the issue. 3. How does this news story relate to Sociology? Answer: the news on North Korea and nuclear testing is closely linked with sociology because sociology is about how people relate, their organization and why people portray certain behaviors. The issue of nuclear weapon testing in North Korea evokes a lot of questions as to why they want to test the nuclear despite the fact that many countries are agents the whole thing.

It is therefore, important to evaluate their reasons and understand the link between their behavior and the nuclear testing. Nuclear testing is causing a drift among countries with many claiming that North Korea is isolating itself by going against the wishes of other countries. This is where the issue takes up the aspect of sociology, which tries to find out the reasons why the country is behaving in this manner. 4. Which 2-3 specific chapters are related to your chosen news story? Answer: Criminality, deviance, law and punishment, Media and environmental sociology 5. Sources (1) Local newspaper - Seattle times http://seattletimes.

com/html/nationworld/2020338495_apasnkoreaquotebox.html (2) Major newspaper - The New York times http://www.nytimes.com/2013/03/08/world/asia/north-korea-warns-of-pre-emptive-nuclear-attack.

html?hpw&_r=0 (3) A mainstream news magazine - news week http://www.thedailybeast.com/cheats/2013/01/25/north-korea-threatens-south.html (4) An alternative news magazine - mother jones http://www.

motherjones.com/mojo/2013/02/world-leaders-react-north-korea-nuclear-test (5) A local TV station - Q13 http://q13fox.com/2013/03/07/north-korea-threatens-nuclear-attack-u-n-imposes-sanctions/#axzz2NInWTrKD (6) The major networks - CNN http://www.cnn.com/2013/02/12/world/north-korea-nuclear-reax/index.html?iref=allsearch (7) Internet http://atlantablackstar.

com/2013/03/11/south-koreans-talk-of-developing-nuclear-weapons-no-longer-sure-of-u-s-protection/ SOC Part 2 1) Local Newspaper- Seattle Times http://seattletimes.com/html/nationworld/2020338495_apasnkoreaquotebox.html Tone of coverage The article does not take up much space as the article covers only a part of the page and provides quotes by different personalities on the issue of nuclear testing. The article on the reaction to North Korea's test of a nuclear device gives the opinion of the world leaders who are against the decision of North Korea to test the Nuclear weapons despite warnings from other countries. The article takes a negative tone in addressing the issue of nuclear testing as it provides the responses of the leaders from different countries that are against the nuclear testing.

It gives a warning to the North Korean government to desist from performing the test, which they claim are a threat to the security of the neighboring countries and the peace needed in the region. The article criticizes the actions of Pyongyang in defying the rest of the world and performing further nuclear tests despite the efforts in the past to stop nuclear testing the world. The article is critical as it sees his behavior as being defiant and not caring about the lives of its citizens and the neighboring countries. Even though the article does not directly express its opinion the quotes by the different personalities all condemning the actions is a clear indication of their feelings towards the whole issue. 2) A Major Newspaper- The New York Times Link:http://www.nytimes.

com/2013/03/08/world/asia/north-korea-warns-of-pre-emptive-nuclear-attack.html?hpw=0 This article takes up a lot of space and it is clear the authors spent a lot of time analyzing the situation and gettin stories from the different parties involved. There are different views in the paper showing that the article took space and time in the magazine. The tone of this article seems to be very aggressive and objective as the author quotes the North Korean president warning its enemies of a potential attack it is continues to interfere with its activities. The warning tone the article takes is a clear warning that the attacks, which are political in nature, can have adverse effects on the citizens who have no role in the whole issue.

However, it is objective as the authors are keen to point out the facts that prove how impossible it is for the North Korean president to attack its enemies considering that the nuclear testing are far from perfect and North Korea is not in a good position to attack the countries sanctioning it. The article is critical as it evaluates how the whole issue of threats and retaliatory measures by North Korea threatens their economic ties as sanctions are being taken to stop their activities. The article informs the reader of the underlying issues and the facts of the nuclear testing issues. The New York Times provides a reflection of what probably happens to North Korea if they make their threat a reality and the possible effects on their citizens.

The article is supporting the interests of the United States and the South Koreans who are at the receiving end of the threat issued by North Korea. (3) A mainstream news magazine - news week Link:http://www.thedailybeast.com/cheats/2013/01/25/north-korea-threatens-south.html The article does not provide much information to the reader as it directs the reader to the New York Times for more details. It takes a very small space in the page.

The article takes a warning tone as it cautions against a looming war between the two Korean nations. The article is quick to inform the reader that though the actions that North Korea claims to use in attacking the South are not clear, it is better to be prepared. The article is completely factual as the author presents the facts about the threats and leaves it at that point. (4) An alternative news magazine - mother Jones http://www.

motherjones.com/mojo/2013/02/world-leaders-react-north-korea-nuclear-test This article reflects on the comments end responses of the world leaders against the third nuclear tests performed by North Korea. It is warning of the possible threats the tests have on the peace enjoyed in the world and especially between the North and the South Korea. It informs of the possible outcomes of the attacks and the success of the missile testing. It is reflective and factual as it evaluates the effects of the tests and the facts as spoken by the world leaders. It does not take any overall position in the issue.

(5) A local TV station - Q13 http://q13fox.com/2013/03/07/north-korea-threatens-nuclear-attack-u-n-imposes-sanctions/#axzz2NInWTrKDTone of coverage: The tone of this article from a local TV station is very factual and uses many quotes by the world leaders who responded to the nuclear tests by North Korea. They present the fats as they are and present a recap of the comments and responses of the individuals. 6) The major networks - CNN http://www.cnn.com/2013/02/12/world/north-korea-nuclear-reax/index.

html?iref=allsearch Tone of coverage: The tone of this article is again, pretty factual and objective based. The CNN article does not provide any information biased to any group as they present facts about the nuclear tests and the issues that may arise if it succeeds. It presents the responses of the world leaders who warn North Korea and condemn the third nuclear test. The article is factual and does not reflect on any issue concerning the nuclear threat. The article does not support any interest and they present the facts.

The major concern is the safety and the leaders whose quotes are used in the article are waning the North and demanding they put a halt to their nuclear testing. (7) Internet http://atlantablackstar.com/2013/03/11/south-koreans-talk-of-developing-nuclear-weapons-no-longer-sure-of-u-s-protection/ The article takes a reflective tone in assessing the position of North Korea in the whole situation, as China seems to drift away and support the US in implementing sanctions against it. It also provides more information reflecting the opinions of the people. However, it does not provide any bias information as it deals with both sides of the issue providing the side of the US and the North Korean view of the whole issue.

It is warning the South Koreans and the Americans of the possible threats by the North. It does not provide its stand in the whole issue as it only provides the reader with the questions depending on the issues at hand. Part Three Nuclear Testing in North Korea There has been a lot of media coverage on the issue of North Korea and their nuclear tests. North Korea has been adamant to heed to the warning by the different nations in the world to stop testing nuclear weapons. The issue of nuclear testing has always evoked varying emotions from the different leaders in the world. Many countries like the United States of America have taken a firm stand against the testing of the nuclear and weapons in any country in the world.

North Korea has been stubborn and defied the global agreement to stop nuclear testing, as it was a huge threat to the peace in the globe. The United State has been keen in protecting South Korea since the stop of the war between the two Korean states that led to the division of the Korean Republic to the two parts; the Northern and the Southern parts. The United States military troops have been in North Korea ever since the end of the war and they have offered as s3ense of security and protection to the South Koreans over the years. North Korea began testing nuclear weapons and missiles in an effort to develop their own protection mechanisms to help them counter any attack by their enemies. They had done two nuclear tests before and the world leaders took a strong stand against their actions.

China however, defended the country because they have economic ties and have been allies in many things. The third nuclear test did not please China as they supported the United States in sanctioning the North Koreans. The United Nations have also warned against the nuclear testing claiming it threatens the peaceful coexistence between different countries the world. In response to the sanction, North Korean president warned that it will attack its enemies and the United States is at the top of their list of enemies.

This provoked varied responses from the United States top leaders as they claimed that they are in a good position to protect them and even retaliate in case the North Koreans decide to make their threat a reality. The South Koreans have not been spared from the wrath of the North Korean president who claimed that the south was among its targets. This causes a lot of concerns among the South Korean citizens who feel under threat in case the north decides to attack them.The media has been on the issue and many media houses in the United States and other parts of the world have reacted to the issue and have covered the issues.

There are numerous articles in the web where the major media houses publish the issue and present an in-depth of the issues. The concern of the world leaders is the threat that the whole nuclear issue brings. It is a threat to the security and peace and this is the reason for the uproar in response to the recent nuclear tests. The Unites States of America feels that the nuclear weapons could cause massive destruction to human beings and should be halted. However, the North Korean government has been continuing with their testing over the years. The United States president, Barrack Obama in response to the third nuclear tests warns that it will not take the issue lightly.

The united states them sanctioned the North Korea and it was as surprise for many when China supported the sates in providing and passing the sanctions. This no longer seems like an issue between the United States and the North Korea and the nuclear testing issues as the other countries in the world are dragged into the whole issue. Russian and Australia have also condemned the actions of the newly elected president who conducted the third nuclear testing. The media houses have a strong influence on what the people feel and learn form that they post and the media houses in this case have not proved to be biased in reporting what is happening and the reactions from the leaders who condemned the nuclear tests. The New York Times provides quotes by the world leaders like president Obama and the other presidents like the South Korean presidents who claim they are prepared for anything and can protect themselves.

CNN provided coverage and clips of the presidents in response to the issue. The media houses have maintained a neutral position only presenting the audience and the readers with the facts and leave the readers to decide for themselves. However, one cannot miss the warning tone the media articles take as they provide the quotes of the leaders who responded to the issue. Most of the leaders warn that the nuclear test are a threat to the peace being enjoyed now and prefer if the North Koreans desist from performing further tests. The South Korea is in a tight position as they are the ones closes to the North Korea and if the north decides to attack them then it will cause a lot of harm to the citizens.

However, the articles have quotes of the president of South Korea claiming that they can protect themselves. They are considering taking independent protective measures against the north. The media has a big role in delivering news to the people and the position and the tone to takes as it covers the stories can lead to different reactions and pass negative messages to the public. It is therefore, important for the media houses to maintain a neutral position and report facts in order to maintain peace and calm among their viewers and readers.