Then, most of them preferred to stay at home and play computer games than go outside with their friends and practice the traditional games. In a nutshell, the government should make some efforts to encourage children to be participated in traditional games.

I bravely disagreed that children today prefer to play computer games to traditional games due to the destitution of the parents. For example, the Isolated children who do not have any computer In their home because of the poorness, cannot play the computer games instead of playing the traditional games such as 'batu seremban', konda kundi' and 'galah panjang'.They also did not have better networking at their places so that they just played the traditional games to released their tension and have fun with their friends. Sometimes, the children who live in town also playing the traditional games because it is very interesting and unique. It is strongly agree that the young generation today are less exposed to traditional games because the young generation today are too addicted with gadgets and devices. There are many games and applications that are very interesting In our devices.

Besides, It Is easy to bring It everywhere we go. They tend to play video games In gadget rather than traditional games since playing games or gadgets Ilke IPad or smartphone no need them to get sweat and not tlrlng. QI 2: PLAYING SPORTS MAKES US HEALTHY Health is metabolic efficiency of a living organism. People can be healthy by playing sports. It is agreed to say that playing sports make us healthy because it is maintaining our physical and mental health.For example, playing chess will make people think out of the box on how to arrange the strategy of the game to be a winner.

Then, playing football make us be more energetic because it increases our ardiovascular muscles and decreases people's resting heart race. After that, swimming can also make us be healthier person because swimming Is a great way to strength the muscular muscles and muscle tone. To conclude, we need to play sports and regularly do exercise to be the healthier person. maintain our body stamina.For instance, when the workers are working, they need enough stamina to stay energetic and maintain their body for not getting tired. Playing sports such as futsal, hockey and netball can increase their stamina and also help them to decrease their body weight.

When the workers in healthy condition, hey can do their work faster without any problems. Playing sports is not only important for the workers but also the people all over the world. Its can help the people to prevent many serious diseases and have a healthy life.Q4: MULTICULTURAL FESTIVALS UNITE THE SOCIETY I agree that multicultural festivals unite the society when individuals of the groups come into positive, personal and cooperative contact with each other, they will able get to know each other, a consequence of which is that prejudices will be eliminated or reduced. -Open house usually held during major festivals in the country. This rogram has served to promote unity among Malaysians when they visit each other in their home.

-festivals in the country has become an effective tool in fostering unity, understanding, appreciation and respect among the people. people will set their differences and live together as 1 Malaysia. -each society can inculcate tolerance, respect and understanding feelings when they visiting each other. -some women will helping each other to provide food during festivals. Surely, multicultural festivals unite the society allows the society itself to cultivate friendship among members of different cultures. For example, during the Muslims festivals, there are also other ethnic group such as Chinese, Indians and Siamese who come to the Muslim's house to celebrate the Muslim festivals.

From there, they know that they are able to cultivate friendship among members of different cultures. I agreed multicultural festivals unite the society because living in a multicultural society with people with different traditions and perspestives, makes people communicate with each other. -when people communicate, they share ideas and perspectives, so everyone learns a new way to see the world or even a small thing or situation. makes people being less racist and leads to a non discrimination society, having a move peaceful environment. we can know about different religions and fashions in the multicultural society.

Surely, watching too much TV is hazardous because it will cause our health will be affected. For example, when we watch too much TV, we will not be doing any movement. If we watch TV 24 hours, the body becomes weak due to not doing any movement. This will affect the danger to us when watching too much TV. I agreed watching too much TV is hazardous because sitting long time to watch television can make lots of health problems. after invention of TV on 1923 by Russian-American electronic engineer Vladimir K.

Zworykin the rate of arteriosclerosis, obesity, heart attacks, and eyesight problems is increasing. -they will not be raised healthily because lacking of physical exercise and social experience. -my friend was a couch potato and all he is doing everyday is watching TV, it makes no sense for him to make friends or play sports. I agree with the statement that watching too much television is hazardous. Watching TV is our most popular pastime, and it seems that we spend about as much time talking about it as we do watching. Our television habit has serious negative consequences.

Excessive TV-watching cuts into family time, harms our kids' ability to read and perform well in school, encourages violences, promotes sedentary lifestyles and obesity. TV undermines family time -many people feel that they do not have enough time to spend with their families. -although often overlooked, television plays a crucial role. In the average American household, the TV is on for 7 hours and 40 minutes per day. 40 percent of Americans always watching television while eating dinner. What's more, most family members watch different programs in separate rooms.

amilies who watch little/no television, on the other hand, often find that they have more time to spend with one another in more engaging and interactive activities. TV harms reading and academic performance -excessive television-watching harms reading skills both by displacing them from our daily lives and according to some experts, by affecting the physical structure of the TV promotes sedentary lifestyle and obesity -we spend most of our free time watching TV, which promotes obesity and its related illnesses. -according to Dr.William Dietz, the easiest way to reduce inactivity is to turn off the TV set. Almost anything else uses more energy than watching TV.

-what's more, sedentary children risk suffering from other ailments later in life, including chronic pain, heart disease, and migrains. I strongly agreed that television has a bad influence on students. -television will make students watch their favourite channel non-stop -distract students attention from doing their school homework -become lazy and not creative -some of them become violence because they watch too much violent actions on TV.They easily influence by the action.

PARENTS ARE THE BEST ROLE MODELS I agree with the statement that parents are the best role model because they have the influencing and leading the child. Firstly, parents always do everything in need for their children. Every day, I see pregnant women prepare for their future children with the hope their children will become a good person, or even a talented person. Therefore, it is so normal if you see a gruff women becomes so sweet, reads books about nutritious foods or about how to help children to become talented.Not only so, parents are ready to change their habits, their living environment Just because they always hope that their hildren will be taken care in the best way. This devotedness to their children we can see not one day, two days, but through their whole lives.

Secondly, with the belief that parents will do anything good for them, children always listen to their parents' advices, even it is good or not. When a child is Just born, it will imitate anything from its mother first, and then others around it.If the mother is always smile, it will probably that their child like smiling as her. Everything is deprived from their experience in their lives, or what they learn from books and other people. Finally, parents are the one who teach their children how to speak, how to behave and learn the basic etiquettes.

Thus, this help the child to grow into a morally quality and quantity time with their child. In short, I think with the interactive impact between parents and children, I can deduce that parents will be the best teachers of their children even it is bad or good factor.I agree with the statement "parents are the best role models" because when the parents provide the positive behaviour at home their children will be affect to the positive atmosphere. For example, at school the children opened to the bad and good ehaviour widely but the children often with the good atmosphere from their parents at home. They can know the best behaviour for them. Another example when their friends invite them to Join the bad activity they will not Join them.

Agree -chefs Job is high stress -very aggressive profession -may squeeze out opportunities for females to shine -physical strength stronger -biggest probability of the ability of men holding heavier cooking utensils -men usually use heavier cooking utensils while cooking-crater, large pot, gas tanks - women are more afraid of the fires when cooking Disagree -women grow up watching their mothers cook -women are expected to learn to cook and help mom than men go out and play with friends -traditionally women cook-domestic duty.When men cook, it is an art but women cook daily for her family. SOCIETY TODAY IS MATERIALISTIC -people are more focused on the thing, money can buy all. -their perception on looks and the latest technologies have significantly taken over. - nowadays, many people only focused on expensive clothing, homes, gadgets and cars -people in US are so obsessed with what they have and how they look -the traditional alue is taken place by materialistic culture -the children who have grown up at Mc Donalds, can only be materialistic in future. money cannot buy the morals, a beautiful family, respect and life lessons not need money -money leads you to forget out these.

-love does financial stress that affect a person's health -it is based on our parent's lesson. If our parent teach us to be materialistic, we will be like that. If not, we will be usual mankind.