Report The Shangri-la Hotel Francesca Donovan Identify any Loyalty Programs and evaluate the effectiveness of it? In the past the hospitality industry offered loyalty programs, usually formed with an alliance such as an airline.

Due to the fact airlines have segregated themselves and formed their own frequent flier points, the hotel industry has been forced to produce programs for themselves.Loyalty programs within the hotel industry are ensuring customer satisfaction to its highest level, a complete understanding of customers wants. By being able to meet these wants, customers are been shown the loyalty and ommitment a hotel holds for them. For a hotel enterprise such as the Shangri-la Hotels, increasing their customers return percentage is the ultimate aim(Yan, 2006).

Shangri-la Hotels have adopted many unique programs that set them apart from other hotels.With such a positive reputation within the industry, their customer base is strong as they hold a high competitive advantage With holding such a high competitive advantage a reflection to their organizational values are to applaud(Yan, 2006). Shangri-la hotels have an extensive array of promotional offers and specials in rder to attract customer satisfaction. Before they can acquire a customer's loyalty and build such long-term relationships, offerings that will gain customers attention is the first step they take.Packages to stay with the hotel are expressed such as special festivals, weekend specials, value rates and value vacation. (Batcha, 2007) Shangri-la Hotels and resorts situated within the Hong-Kong district are among the first in the world to be offered free WIFI and wired internet from an international hotel group.

All guests situated in their private rooms, guest rooms, public areas, estaurants and function areas are able to access this complimentary offer as part of staying with the Shangri-la Hotel Group.They see this as a way of lifting an economic stress whilst traveling for the business customers. "Getting connected while on the road is the number one priority of our business travelers, and many of our valued customers view Internet access as absolutely crucial," says Madhu Rao, managing director and chief executive officer of Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts (U. S, 2009) Within the Shangri-la Hotel of Tokyo, guests as treated to a more personalized xperience of shopping at the Takashimaya store.Due to the partnership of the hotel and general manager, all guests which are situated on the Horizon Club Floor and also leisure guests from overseas, receive a personalized letter of invitation.

Guests are offered special attention and benefits while shopping in the store. Benefits included such as, interpreter for assistance. Any items that are purchased from the store are delivered directly to the guests rooms, avoiding the guests carrying around large heavy bags (Shangri-la Hotel, 2010) Situated in all Shangri-la Hotels is the