SAN PABLO COLLEGES GRADUATE SCHOOL SAN PABLO CITY Learning is a continuous process; like in much other discipline teaching requires also a tremendous task of upgrading the knowledge of a teacher. A teacher is the single authoritative figure in the classroom no one can tell where his/her influence stops. A teacher can create a learning atmosphere that is fun and conducive and at the same time create an atmosphere of tension and discrimination. On the note of Naturalism by Rousseau he stressed that man is basically good and that his environment makes him bad, with these aspect I firmly anchored my teaching life.

I am a natural born naturalist and idealist who firmly believed that also the environment has a deep anchor on the promotion and progress of an individual. As a teacher, I always see to it that when I am teaching my line of discipline which is History I always give my students a pretest before introducing the topic so that I can assess the entry level they have. Teaching History is not easy because nowadays students can’t appreciate the value of one’s cultural identity thus, it is always have been a challenge for history teachers like me to sustain student’s interests in studying it.

In this regard, even though the concluded seminar is basically “The Art of Science Teaching” I really learned a lot from it specially the resourcefulness on the part of the teacher as well as the connection of Science in many other disciplines. Consequently, nowadays we are living in the context of high technological advances and presently students demand for learning is high. Technology has been part and parcel of good education and that is presently the challenge teachers are facing the incorporation of technology into teaching specially that I am public school teacher.

Resources are scarce, quality materials are too little, rooms are not conducive for learning, student teacher ratio is too large and many other. The linkages and resourcefulness of a teacher can be best harnessed nowadays specially if that teacher really wants to bring about positive changes on the part of his students. Dedication, commitment and passion for teaching should be always harnessed on the heart of teacher because I firmly believe that when these three core values are shared and trengthened within the humanity of a teacher no problem, no obstacles can’t be overcome. The last seminar is indeed an eye opener for every educators not only those of teaching sciences but all of us who were called to serve. The insights given by the speaker really made me realized that teaching is an art and also teaching requires prior knowledge strengthening the connection between you and your community, finding resources that best translate your learning objectives into tangible learning outcomes, and most importantly uplift the lives of students under your tutelage.

As for my recommendation I am positively looking forward for another series of seminars that the graduate school will offer. Because I firmly believed that teachers should always upgrade their learning background for their students as the famous adage connotes “You can’t give what you don’t have” Prepared and respectfully submitted by: Rowell P. Corcega