Case Analysis Brand promise: “Luxury of a car. Thrill of an SUV. ” Emotional benefits Thrill Excitement Power Rational benefits World Class Vehicle Good Looks Car-like comforts Great value Relational Benefits Young Modern Premium City companion Infrastructure Showrooms were redone Decor depicted imageries of sportiness, movement and technology movement Showroom Experience Uniform customer experience Unique experience and not just the product Exclusive sales people Selected people from current employees and trained them Advertising and promotions strategy Car plus positioning

Premium imagery of SUV in city context “Hero” in advertisements – Product International feel Communication Strategy “Big Brand feeling” Role of media High impact launch- 15th August High visibility Television: Emotional benefits and international imagery Print: Functional Benefits Phase 1: Metro Cities Phase 2: 20 cities Coved 50 cities within an year BRANDZ Bonding Thrill of driving SUV while enjoying comfort and luxury of a car. Advantage Style added to UV. “Car plus”more comfort +mileage +space Performance Relevance Presence Power and pickup. Ease of gear shifting. Smoothness of clutch.

Quietness of the vehicle Luxury + Sophistication + Value for money Advertisements , Launch on independence day with wide press coverage, Public events. Expand to global markets Devise strategies to counter the players entering the UV and B and C segment 1. 2. 3. High share of category expenditure in bonding stage: 109 Scorpios sold daily. 4 lakh units sold globally since launch. Within 4 months of launch M&M achieved 22% market share in premium hard top SUV. (Source: http://articles. economictimes. indiatimes. com/2012-06-17/news/32270172_1_alan-durante-projectscorpio-pawan-goenka)