3-Day Diet Analysis Week 1 assignment 10/21/2012 SCI/241 Cassandra Cook I know that my eating habits are not that great. I work at a fast food restaurant full time so mainly my lunches are fast food. Lately, I have not been eating as much of what I usually due since becoming pregnant and I want to provide best for my unborn child. I like a lot of canned foods though such as chicken noodle soup and raviolis. I know there is not much nutrients in canned foods though. When I make dinners for my family I like to provide at least a meat and a vegetable. My favorite vegetables are corn, potatoes, and carrots.

I am going to try to start eating more vegetables and healthier foods than the fast food sandwiches and the canned foods I have been consuming. For the Grains food group my target is 7 ounces. These past three days I have consumed 5 ? ounces. I am under the target for this group. For the whole grains I ate ? an ounce when I should be eating about 3 ? ounces. For the refined grains I ate 5 ounces. I ate over the limit for refined grains. For the Vegetable food group my target is 3 cups. I have consumed 1 cup of vegetables which is below the target. This food group is broken down into different groups.

The first group is dark greens. My target for dark greens a week is 2 cups. This week I have eaten 0 cups. I have eaten under the target. The second group is red & orange. My target is 6 cups a week. This week I have eaten 1 cup. I am under the target. The third is Beans & peas. My target is 2 cups a week. I have eaten 0 cups of beans & peas. The fourth group is starchy. My target is 6 cups a week. I have eaten 0 cups. The final group is other. I should be eating 5 cups a week of other vegetables. I have eaten ? cup of other vegetables. For the fruits group my target is 2 cups.

I have eaten five cups of fruit. I have eaten over the target. The fruit group is broken down into two separate groups. They are whole fruit and fruit juice. For these two separate groups there is no specific target. I ate 5 cups of whole fruit and 0 cups of fruit juice. For the dairy group my target is 3 cups. I ate 0 cups of dairy. It is under my target. The dairy group is broken into two groups. The first is milk & yogurt and the second is cheese. There is no specific target for these groups separately. For the Protein foods group my target is 6 ounces. I have eaten 6 ? ounces.

This is right on target. The protein foods group is broken into three separate groups. The first is seafood. My target for seafood is 9 ounces a week. I ate 0 ounces which is under. The other two groups are the meats and the nuts. There is no specific target for these two groups. I ate 6 ? ounces of meats. For the oils group my target is 6 teaspoons. I ate 1 teaspoon of oils. This is under my target. I am going to try to add more nutrients in my diet. I need to add more vegetables to my diet. I need to have more of a variety. According to my chart I need to add different vegetables to my diet.

I eat mainly corn when I make foods. I think I will try to add green beans and peas to my diet. I also like the vegetables I just do not eat them often. I will try to add more of these. I also need to add more protein to my diet. I will eat more than just chicken or beef. I will add some seafood to my diet. My new diet and nutrient intake will affect my current health because it will keep me well and happy. It will help me in the future because it will help keep me from ending up with a serious disease. It could keep me from having a stroke and keep my heart healthy.

There are six classes of essential nutrients. They are carbohydrates, protein, fat, vitamins, minerals, and water. These nutrients are essential because your body cannot synthesize them. You must obtain these nutrients from your diet. The best way to make sure you get the nutrients your body needs is to eat a variety of different foods each day (Boyers, 2012). References 1. Boyers, L. (2012). Six types of Nutrients that we eat. Retrieved from http://www. livestrong. com/article/511091-six-types-of-nutrients-that-we-eat/ 2. https://www. supertracker. usda. gov/FoodGroupCalorieReport. aspx