The Bitcoin ATM operator SatoshiPoint issued a press release, stating that the UK-based company has received the backing of a couple of experienced Angel investors.The company also claimed that the two investors have helped it secure a large amount of investment in the first round of funding.

The money raised will be used by SatoshiPoint to finance its expansion.SatoshiPoint wants to further expand its capabilities so that people can buy and sell Bitcoin in more locations as well trade larger quantities of Bitcoin online.The company announced plans for a second round of funding as soon as the first round came to a close. The funding it has already received will, according to the company, allow it to install Bitcoin ATMs in 15 more locations throughout the UKSatoshiPoint firmly believes that it will be able to entice more investors to participate in the second round of funding as the future looks fairly bright for the Bitcoin ATM operator as well as for other Bitcoin startups in the country.More and more investors in the UK are now willing to risk investing in the digital currency.SatoshiPoint is confident that by installing Bitcoin ATMs in additional locations, it will be able to encourage more people to use Bitcoin for the first time and experience using the digital currency both online and offline.According to Bitcoin industry experts, the partnership between the angel investors and SatoshiPoint is a promising development for both SatoshiPoint and the UK Bitcoin ecosystem.Hassan Khoshtaghaza, Managing Director of SatoshiPoint, agrees with this assessment, stating that these are exciting times for Bitcoin, SatoshiPoint and the UK.Hassan believes that by working with the angel investors, the company is getting some much needed positive energy for the future.With the newfound positivity, Hassan thinks that SatoshiPoint will be able to grow its business quicker and adapt to the needs of the digital community in the UK and on a global scale.With more investment on the way, SatoshiPoint is on track to manage the largest Bitcoin ATM network in the world.