An email from Satoshi claiming he is not Craig WrightAfter WIRED and Gizmodo published articles that the Australian businessman could be the mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of bitcoin.Someone posted to the bitcoin- dev mailing list claiming that Craig Steven Wright is not Satoshi Nakamoto.Email from [email protected] states, “I am not Craig Wright.

We are all Satoshi.”According to the articles of WIRED and Gizmodo, several PGP public keys were mentioned that were supposedly created and controlled by Nakamoto.Greg Maxwell, a bitcoin core developer revealed that the analysis of the keys’ metadata was problematic inconsistencies when compared with data from the sole public key know to be under the control of Satoshi.He stated, “Nowhere in the liquidation report does it fix a value basis for the ’bitcoins’. It basically says that Wright provided ‘$30 million’ in bitcoins, then used the bitcoins to buy software.As far as I can tell, they might have been valuing the bitcoins at $1 million each to distort the level of ownership relative to other investors; or even claimed bitcoins were involved when they weren’t.

Incidentally, there is now more evidence that it’s faked. The PGP key being used was clearly backdated: its metadata contains cipher- suites which were not widely used until later software…The 8,2,9,10,11 list was added to the GNUPG code tree in commit e50cac1d848d332c4dbf49d5f705d3cbbf074ba1 on July 9th, 2009, and not released until version 2.0.13 later.

This is well after the 2008 date on the key. The 2, 8, 3 list was prior list that would have been used in 2008. That they were different at all surprising, considering that they claim to be generated less than a day apart. ”John Biggs, the editor of TechCrunch and the chief executive officer of Freemit published an article in which he stated that Craig Wright is not Satoshi Nakamoto.He stated, “While I don’t have a deep background that another prominent debunker, Cornell Professor Emin Gun Sirer has, everything in the story is wonky.

Rather than go through the disproof, I would also argue that it doesn’t matter …Why would someone “frame” Wright? Probably to encourage the world to hack him. A bitcoin user with $23 million in BTC is a huge talent. It also puts Wright into a position of notoriety that is not particularly helpful.He will be at the center of a flame war that will pit him against hundreds of folks who came after Satoshi.The man or woman who is named Satoshi wears a heavy crown.”