It amounts to 70 percent of the group's revenue according to 2012 statistics and also has been the world's largest information technology company by revenues since 2009. Employing over three hundred and seventy people in assembly plants and sales networks in over 80 different countries has been Samsung Electronics Co. LTD. Know Oh- has been CEO of the company since 2012. With such electronic components such as lithium- batteries, semiconductors, chips, flash memory, and hard drive devices for such companies as Apple, Sony, ETCH, and Monika Samsung has long been a manufacture of these items for these companies and many more.

Consumer electronics has been a recently acquired venture for Samsung Electronics Co. LTD. With the popular release of its Samsung Galaxy line of devices Samsung is now the world's largest manufacturer of mobile phones and smartness. Also Samsung Is a major competitor in the tablet computers, particularly its Android-powered Samsung Galaxy Tab collection. Being generally regarded as pioneering the market through its Samsung Galaxy Note family of devices is also Samsung Electronics Co.

LTD.Samsung has been the world's largest manufacturer of LCD panels since 2002, the world's largest television manufacturer since 2006, and world's largest manufacturer of mobile phones since 2011. Samsung Electronics displaced Apple Inc. As the world's largest technology company In 2011 and is a major part of the South Korean economy.

In June 2014 Samsung published the Titan SO with the new Samsung z. Samsung Electronics co. LTD. Marketing Mix: Samsung touch screen phones and smartness are made up of three levels of product.They are communication and fast computing devices are the core. They're branding stylish, have high quality, great packaging, and features is the actual.

They come with local repair, free upgrade services, and also come with a warranty is the augmented. Samsung phone products have high quality phone features and accessories Including headphones, chargers, manuals, and come In a stylish package. Lower pricing, but Samsung uses the market based pricing method to set up their prices. Monika did have the market tapped with their touch devices until recently.The company as a whole has three different types of promotion selective, intensive, and exclusive. Firstly selective would be Samsung only distributes its products through intermediaries, who own special skills that allow them to offer their products to the market more effectively.

Secondly intensive would be the priority to achieve the largest possible presence of the products in retail outlets in the shortest amount of time. So this is why the company tries to sell the largest amount of outlets possible.Finally exclusive would Samsung only selling to a select few intermediaries. The most commonly being used is the luxury segment, to emphasize the exclusive news of their products. The higher priced phones and electronics are sold through this particular segment.

Placement would be The Company has been founded in South Korea. However it earns the majority of the profit in the China and India markets. In addition, due to the marketing strategy, Samsung releases the new types of phones into those markets, where the competitors haven 't any presences.