Romeo and Juliet – Answer Key to Study Guide 1. Although they are servants, they maintain the Montague/Capulet feud. 2. Gregory 3. These men are too quick to fight. 4. The punishment for more fighting is death. 5. quick-tempered 6. moody and depressed 7. Juliet is too young for marriage, she is his only hope, and she must give her consent also. 8. to see Rosaline 9. He falls in love too easily. 10. They fall in love. 11. an infatuated Romeo 12. The names of things do not change their basic traits. 13. metaphor 14. hyperbole 15. love 16. to foreshadow the use of an herbal brew 17. perform a marriage 18. making a pun on Tybalt’s name 9. Juliet has no interest in Paris. 20. She should meet Romeo at Friar Lawrence’s to get married. 21. a villain 22. He tells Tybalt that he loves him. 23. Tybalt draws his sword, and Romeo moves to stop him. 24. The day seems endless. 25. Juliet thinks that the nurse is saying that Romeo is dead. 26. oxymorons 27. sorrowful 28. Juliet does not feel that Romeo is a villain. 29. She is already married to Romeo but her parents do not know. 30. marry Paris 31. a marriage 32. She does not want to marry Paris. 33. imagery 34. Juliet will drink an herbal potion, she will be buried in the Capulet tomb, and Romeo will return from Mantua. 5. She is afraid. 36. finding herself in the tomb among the bodies of her relatives 37. dramatic irony 38. personification 39. uncontrolled sorrow 40. comic relief 41. Balthasar tells Romeo that Juliet is dead. 42. He is taking action without thinking clearly. 43. to buy poison 44. Friar John returns without having delivered Friar Lawrence’s letter to Romeo. 45. Paris 46. to become a nun 47. She stabs herself with Romeo’s dagger. 48. Lady Montague 49. There never was a sadder story than this. 50. Love at first sight is not real love.