ZAMBOANGA CITY STATE POLYTECHNIC COLLEGE COLLEGE OF EDUCATION R. T. Lim Boulevard Zamboanga city Name: ___________________________ Date: ______ Year and Section: __________________Score: ______ Midterm Examination in Civil Technology 1 Test 1: Multiple Choice Direction: encircle the letter of the correct answer. 1. This is a kind of saw that is used for ripping purposes a. crosscut saw c. rip saw b. miter sawd. dovetail saw 2. The kind of chisel with a light duty tool used to plane long surfaces parallel with the grain of the wood. a.

Paring chiselc. Pocket chisel b. firming chiseld. Mill chisel 3. A chisel with heavy duty tool adopted to withstand severe strain, as in framing work and where deep cuts are necessary. a. pocket chiselc. Paring chisel b. firming chiseld. Mill chisel 4. The kind of saw that is being used for crosscutting purposes. a. miter sawc. Rip saw c. dovetail sawd. Crosscut saw 5. A kind of rough facing tools which is generally used for sharpening stakes and cutting down timber to rough sizes. a. ship adzec. Hatchet b. broadd. Claw hammer 6.

The other name for smooth facing tools is? a. driving toolsc. Rough facing tools b. tooth cutting toolsd. Edge cutting tools 7. The plane that consist of 28 to 30 inches long is the? a. jointer planec. Fore plane b. jack paned. Smooth plane 8. A classification of tools that are specially design to make hole in wood. a. tooth cutting toolsc. Smooth cutting tools b. boring tools d. Edge cutting tools 9. It is a kind of plane that is being used for making a sinking cut on wood to make them fit to each other. a. rabbet planec. Grooving plane . fillister planed. Router 10. This is a kind of boring tools which is small and used for punching or piercing small holes. it is generally used in starting a nail or screw into hardwood. a. brad awlc. Auger b. gimletd. Cutter bit Test 11: Modified True or False Direction: Write the word true if the answer is true, and change the underline word of the statement if the answer is false. Write your answer on the space provided for. 1. Vice is a table tool used to hold a piece of material rigidly secured in place to absorb severe elbows. _____________ 2. Compass is used in dividing distances into equal parts such as an arc and circumference including straight lines. ___________ 3. Scriber is made up of hard ended steel with a sharp point design to mark a fine lines. __________ 4. Clamps is effective in tightly pressing pieces of wood or metal together in making tenon, mortise and other joints. _________ 5. Fillester plane is used in cutting across the wood grain. _________ 6. Claw hammer is a hand tool with head and shank used for turning screws. ________ 7.

Wrenches are tools with hand and jaw which may be fitted to the head of the nut used to tighten or loosen the bolts. __________ 8. Oil stone is used after the grinding operation to achieve a smooth and keen edge of the tools. ________ 9. Rough facing tools are also called striking tools. _________ 10. In carpentry we use Level both for guiding and testing the work to a vertical or horizontal position. _________ Test 111: Fill in the blank Direction: Choose the correct answer on the box and write it in the blank.

Strength Hardness Durability Cleavability Wood Lumbering Skidding Bucking Board Heart Shakes| 1. The defects in wood that is usually occur at the starting point of the limb or branch Of the wood is called the ___________. 2. The _________ are radial cracks originating at the heart of the logs. 3. We used the term _________ to the operation performed in preparing wood for commercial purposes. . The process of sawing into smaller pieces after the removal of the branches is what we called the _________. 5. Te term ________ means that pieces of logs are moved to an assembly area, loaded to transport equipment then carried out of the forest to a sawmill. 6. As applied to wood, ________ means the ability to resist decay or simply the end of its life under a given condition. 7. The resistance of the wood to cleavage along the grains is the _________. 8. ________ is expressed as resistance to indentation or to the saw or axe across the grain. . A ________ is a fibrous substance which composes the trunk and branches of a tree that lies between the pitch and the bark. 10. In the preparation of wood, ________ is a piece of lumber less than 1-1/2 inches thick and at least 4 inches wide. Test 1V: Identification Direction: Identify the correct answer to the statement below. 1. ________ the kind of tool used for marking and testing work which has 90 degree angle. 2. ________ is a tool which has a combination of 45 and 90 degree angle. 3. ________ the longer and wider part of the framing square. . ________ this is the shorter and narrower part of the square. 5. ________ the point of the square which the tongue and body meet on the outside edge. 6. ________ is a device used as guide of the handsaw in cutting objects to form a miter joint. 7. ________ a metal tool used to check or obtain a vertical line. 8. ________ double bevel square used to divide an angle in a complicated work in one setting. 9. ________ a marking tool with round head used for marking rough works. 10. _______ is a kind of marking tool that is used to inscribe an arc or a circle.