Republic of the Philippines Batangas State University Governor Pablo Borbon, Main Campus II College of Engineering, Architecture, Fine Arts and Computing Sciences PASSENGER RESERVATON SYSTEM Presented by: Atienza, Zarah Jane C. Caringal, Clariza Jane R. Castor, Chiara R. Fondevilla, Rolan A. Mendoza, Ana Marie P. BSIT- 3102 Presented to: Ms. Amy U. Aclan nstrctor Executive Summary The ABC Bus Corporation has approached a new way in reserving their accommodating their passenger by creating a computerize bus reservation systems that aims to provide user excellent services.

Bus reservation system deals with maintenance of records of details of each passenger who had reserved a seat for a journey for various places in Bangalore. The said bus reservation company has 60 routes operating from Bangalore among those are the regular or ordinary, semi-luxury and super-deluxe buses. These systems should contain information about its passenger like date of reservation, their destination, and number of seats and cancellation of their reservation. The system should meet the requirements of the business to make it interactive and user friendly.

Our project is to computerize traveling company to manage data, so that all the transactions become fast and lessen any possibly error in transaction like calculation mistake, bill generation and other things. It replaces all the paper work. It keeps records of all bills also, giving to ensure 100% successful implementation of the computerized Bus reservation system. It also shows reports of the transaction done by the company to monitor their daily operation. Objective/s Main Objective: To develop an effective and functional passenger reservation system. Specific Objectives: a.

To record data of various routes originating from Bangalore b. To verify that the total distance travelled by each passenger does not exceeded 3000km. c. To provide a facility for cancellation. Analysis Traveling is a large growing business in or country. Bus reservation system deals with maintenance of records of details of each passenger who had reserved a seat for a journey. It also includes maintenance of information like schedule and details of each bus. We observed the working of the Bus reservation system and after going through it, we get to know that there are many operations, which they have to do manually.

It takes a lot of time and causes many errors. Due to this, sometimes a lot of problems occur and they were facing many disputes with customers. To solve the above problem, and further maintaining records of items, seat availability for customers, price of per seat, bill generation and other things, we are offering this proposal of reservation system. Our reservation system has two modules. First module helps him to reserve a ticket. Using second module he can cancel a reserved ticket. Requirements Definition Functional Requirements a. Should be able to create a new login for accessing the reservation facility. . See current reservations on different buses along with the details. c. The system should automatically show amount of money needs to be pay for selected seats. Non- Functional Requirements a. The administrator shall usually do anything on the system in all forms. Administrator is responsible for updating and maintenance of the systems content such as adding/ removing information about the system. b. Customers are people who shall use the Passenger Reservation System. To use this service the customer should have the basic computer using ability. Process Model Data Model E- R Diagram Use Case Input/Output design