Student Name Student Address Student email address August 9, 2010 Instructor Name Name of School Address of School Dear Instructor: Submitted for review is the proposal regarding the request to bring in outside trainers to train staff on the use of the [email protected] Office Programs. In this report is the following information: * Business requirement * Schedule * Due Date for proposal * Instruction on how to submit proposal and method of submission * Instruction on who to contact with question * The selection process.

Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you regarding this request. Sincerely, Enclosure: Proposal A. INTRODUCTION 1. 1 Purpose The purpose of this proposal is to request that outside trainers come in to train the staff on the use of [email protected] Office programs.

1. 2 Requirements The staff will require training on latest [email protected] Office Professional programs. The budget of required training will be $50,000 and will need training on the following programs: a. Word b. Excel c. PowerPoint d.

OneNote e. Outlook f.Publisher Access g. B. Schedules for Training Training will be September 1-3, 2010. This mandatory 24 hours training will take place from the hours of 8 a.

m. to 4 p. m. 1. 1 Proposal Deadline and Method Submission his proposal is by certified mail to the following personnel and address: Student Name, student address.

We are requesting that four copies be included in your submission. 1. 2 Contact Information Question regarding this proposal is via email: Student email address Or phone at student telephone number. . 3 Criteria for Selection The following is a list of requirement that we will be looking at during the selection process: a.

Company has to be in existence for five or more years. b. Company must use the product that is being train on. c. Company is required to show educational background information on staff member conducting the training.

. Company is required to show a list of contracts completed. As well any outside recommendation. C.

Terms And Conditions The terms and condition are clear for this proposal.Selection for this proposal is based on the number of years the company has been in business, also whether the companies use [email protected] Office. The company employees are required to have the educational background on the programs. The companies are required to show a list of their contracts completed along with any outside recommendation received from those contracts. Failure to submit those items will result in a none selection of your company.