Reign Of Terror Reign of Terror is the period of the French revolution since September 5, 1793, to July 27 1794. It was a civil and a foreign war, where the government decided to terrify the people of France, and to take harsh consequences against those who were against the revolution, like the nobles and priests. The government forced terror in the hearts of the French. Approximately 40,000 people die during the Terror. About 15% were the nobles and clergy. Another 15% were the middle class. The rest were peasants. The brain of the terror is the Guillotine. It was blade, which dropped fast, and the victim would not feel pain.

Dr. Joseph Guillotine created the Guillotine, and it quickly became a symbol of horror in the Reign of Terror. Another method used in the period of Terror was The Breaking Wheel. The Breaking wheel was the famous execution before the Guillotine. The Breaking Wheel was a torture device where they attach a person to the wheel and rotate the wheel were his bones break and the person gets dehydrated. Drowning was also a method used in the French Revolution. Jean-Baptiste Carrier put his victims into vessels with trapdoors for bottoms and to sink them in the Loire River. There are many groups who participated in the French Revolution.

Robespierre was a famous person where he decides who shall get executed. The first and second estate hated Robespierre. Robespierre gave speeches where the revolutionary were interested and liked what he was saying. The new leader of the Jacobins was Robespierre under whom the Committee of Public Safety was established. The Sans Culottes were workman, who fought for survival. They were radical people who took part in the more violent events of the revolution. The National Convention created the Committee of Public Safety; it consists of nine members of the convention. The 1st and the 2nd estate are the church (priests) and the nobles.

The National assembly created the revolution, and they helped the people who were with the revolution. J. P Marate was a doctor who wrote rumors in the newspaper about the nobles, and he lived in France sores. Robespierre was with the revolution, although Robespierre over exceeded the use of terror, which made the revolution in a worse condition. The Jacobins were also with the revolution because they were lead by Robespierre; they were part of the National assembly. Sans Culottes were radicals, where they wanted to change because they wore bad clothes and fought for survival.

The National Assembly was with the revolution; they made the government better for the people who supported the French Revolution. Committee of Public Safety was with the revolution, however they created the terror where execution was getting off limits where it made the revolution worse. 1st and 2nd estate were against the revolution, they nobles were living the life wear they had food clothes, paid no taxes. J. P Marate supported the revolution, but he wanted violence, which makes the revolution in a worse condition. Done by: Nader Al Nuwakhtha