Juan Diego Lpez
Foreign Policy: Afraid of the Red
The USA had been involved in two wars that really had helped
economical, but in soldiers casualties really affected the people and also
feelings about wars. So after each of this wars (the Mexican war and the
World War I) the government try to stay separated from the other countries
so that they didn't depend on nobody.

When World War II reach the USA and
were force to take part in, the government knew that because of their lack
of police force and bad treaties in other parts of the world , this had
happened.When the war was over, the USA emerge as a new power in the world, fighting
for the right of democracy and capitalism in other parts of the world. By
previous experiences, and the threat of Communism running the world, the
government took a major turn in the way to mange foreign affairs, they got
their hand in every thing they could to do stop communism to get to others
parts in the world.To end the war the USA had to use the atomic bombs, but the bombs were
also to show to any other countries the power that they had and what they
could use against them. The main threat that they face after the war was
the USRR, who had a vast empire, which were dominated by communism that was
really almost as a dictatorship by Staling, this kind of government
represented a big enemy for the principles of the USA and their New deals.

The technology that had being develop in the Second World War was amazing
for the moment and people in the country like the president Truman were
trying to show the world how amazing their society was thanks to
capitalism.The pressure coming from the people to not get involve in another war,
the lack of resources to fight a new war, the fear of being bomb, and the
fear of fighting a war in your country made the USA and USRR not fight a
war and just make threats to each other of that if they did something
wrong, they would begin a world. The USA had better war technology and had
the atomic bomb, that was created in a project called the Manhattan
project, the Scientifics thought that the USRR wasn't going to get an
atomic bomb at least in ten years, but thanks to the abilities of their
spies the USRR got an atomic bomb in only four years. This really makes
everybody afraid, this was why there was really a big support for
commissions to find communists in the country, and everybody hated the red
color. All this fear of the red attack made it easy for the government to
give away money so easily to other countries like Korea to fight the
communism that after the war was separated in two sides, one the communist
and the other the capitalist, when the communism side tried to take all of
Korea by force, the USA provide a lot of money for troops to fight it and
in the end of the war, it was again separated as at the beginning.

Looking at all this you can say that the USA changed its foreign
policy after the war, not because of its willingness but because of fear of
having to face the more countries that could turn into communist, and after
had to fight a war for first time in their own country. The power that the
USA had after the war made easy for them to payoff countries, or put
dictators on them which could control the people to turn for a communist
president. This generated a lot of hate for this powerful country, but also
it generated a lot External debts for other countries to pay back in so
many years that has been a very big source of income for the country.