Rain Man The movie I chose to analyze from a psychological perspective is Rain Man. The character I have chosen is Charlie Babbit . I chose Charlie because it was interesting to see how drastic he changes his moods. At one point he can be happy and the next he could be yelling at everyone. Charlie Babbit is a Caucasian male around his late twenties who works as a car salesman, and has a girlfriend named Susanna. Charlie Babbitt is a selfish man who gets angry very easily. He focuses on what he has to say rather than what others have to say. He is a very demanding person.

Charlie has avoided talking to his father for years. When he finds out that his father passed away he didn’t react at all it was like if nothing had happened. Instead he focuses on how much money his father left him in his will. His father left three million dollars to his autistic brother Raymond of whose existence Charlie knew nothing of. The prenatal life of Charlie Babbitt must have been in a time of negative life experience and stress for his mother. In order to better understand more about Charlie’s prenatal life would be to know what situations his mother was going through while she was pregnant.

It seems to me that Charlie was an unhappy baby. His temperamental pattern must have been difficult. Charlie’s mother died when he was only two years old, and his brother Raymond was put away in a mental institution right after the death of his mother . Charlie did not form a healthy attachment with his parents since his mother passed away at an early stage in his life. During Charlie’s preoperational stage Charlie did not form a health bond with his father while growing up.