Questionnaire Name: Gender: M/F Occupation: Contact number: 1. Does the organization clearly define the position, objectives, requirements and candidate specification in the recruitment process? oYes oNo 2. Which source is used by Zydus to hire new employees? oInternal oExternal oBoth 3. If internal, how they got their current position? oPromotion oTransfer oUp gradation oRetired employees 4. If external than which sources used by Zydus? oCampus interview oEmployees referrals oConsultant oAdvertisement oWalk ins oWebsite 5. Which type of interview method does company usually follow? Structured Interview oUnstructured Interview 6. What is the focus of interview? oPersonality oIntellectual ability oQualification oTechnical proficiencies oKnowledge oExperience 7. Treatment given to you when you came for interview at Zydus oVery satisfied oSatisfied oAverage oDissatisfied oVery dissatisfied 8. How well were the organization’s affirmative action needs clarified and supported in the selection process? oExcellent oAdequate oPoor 9. Where you provided appointment letter on the 1st day of the joining? oYes oNo 10. Was orientation/induction program provided to you? oYes oNo 11.

Has your induction program helped you to understand your job, responsibilities, and performance standard? oYes oNo oNot Applicable 12. What type of induction training would you prefer? oOn job oOff job 13. How Induction is conducted? oBy Presentation oBy Premises oBy providing Manuals oAll Above 14. Explanation of norms, values and department policies and procedures oVery satisfied oSatisfied oAverage oDissatisfied 15. After recruitment and selection process have you under gone the period of probation? oYes oNo 16. How would you rate the HR department’s performance in recruitment and selection? oExcellent oGood oPoor