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Mrs. Stambaugh
English 351-4th
April 9, 2002
Creative Paper
The Secret Life of Tara Mulvihill
Good morning princess, I heard a voice day in a British accent as I looked around the huge bed chambers where I found myself laying. Where am I? I whispered. Well, youre back home from boarding school. You were so tired last night you didnt even say hello to your mother. Boarding school? I thought to myself.I dont go to boarding school. You need to dress, your mother is waiting to see you. I slowly sat up and looked around. The room was gigantic. It was full of beautiful furniture and huge portraits. I wandered out of bed and over to the closet. I stepped inside and looked around. It was a long room filled with all the clothes I could imagine. I dressed and walked out into the hallway. The hallway was wide. On the walls hung more portraits of people I had never seen. Every so often there was a group of chairs placed symmetrically across from one another. There were so many beautiful archways and moldings. It was like a castle I had heard about in history. Tara, Tara! I heard a voice call. Ive been waiting for you to come home and hey you are not even coming to tell me hello. Mother, where are we? I inquired. At home, of course. I could hear another voice barking at me. Tara, Tara! I looked around. This time I found myself back in history with Mrs. Carter in the front of the class. I sat up. Now lets turn the page and look at Buckingham Palace, she told the class. It was all a dream.

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