Process Essay - How To Enjoy Summer How To Enjoy Summer How can I enjoy summer? Do you know? I have some ideas for the end of June when school ends.For us students our days will be free.

What I thinkpeople should do first, is enjoy the first week by resting. The next thing to do is plan some funactivities, such as playing sports and hanging outwith friends. At the beginning of vacation sleeping late in themorning seems like a privilege after completing ahard year of school. After a week of rest and relaxation its time to get involed with more fun activities.

Playing sports is more fun after a restful week.Kids could join a team or just play for fun withfriends. Until the fun of summer sports, comes to anend and its time to move on to other fun activities that we can do in the rest of the summer. Hanging out with friends in the summer is an experience compared to no other.

We learn moreabout ourselves and our friends. We can hang out by going to the movies, going out for pizza and go shopping with your friends.All in all there are many more ways to enjoysummer than I put here, but those reasons I statedare what I would do in the summer. Everyone has many different ways of enjoying summer these aremine.

To finish the point it doesnt matter how one enjoys summer or where one goes. What matters most is to relax and have fun because, we need to rewardourselves for hard work weve done and plan to donext year.