The video focus on children's struggles and successes with skills such as reading, writing, and mathematics as well as difficulties in communication, understanding, organization, feelings, and behavior. The videos focus on illuminating breakdowns in such key areas of brain function as attention, memory, language, enumerator, social cognition, temporal-sequential ordering, spatial ordering, and higher order cognition. Dry. Levine guides viewers through the videos as he and other experts, teachers, parents, and children provide commentary and strategies.The last video we watched In class was about higher order cognition.

Together, the videos and promote an understanding of learning differences-strengths and weaknesses-and trainees that help children become successful learners. This material also gives parents and teachers a common language to advance effective communication between home and school. The first is concept formation. This is the creation of an idea. The video focuses on the importance of primary education. In the second grade the focus is on math concepts.

It is important for children to grasp number sense. This is a key step in understanding other math concepts and it must be mastered in the second grade. Concrete concepts are also introduced In the video. This is something that appeals to the sense. Visualization strategies would be one of these.

Abstract concepts are the most difficult to be mastered. To help master abstract concepts, analogies work best. Giving students examples and then having them create their own examples Is a great strategy.Developing maps of their concepts like, graphs, flow charts, and concept maps, help the children plan out their thought processes and build up on it. Critical thinking skills are also crucial. The evaluation of people, products and ideas is something children should try to be skilled at.

Understanding key points of view is important in analyzing different concepts and exits. In improving critical thinking skills, classroom discussions are very important.Creativity and brainstorming should be practiced as much as possible. These concepts are all very important in becoming better thinkers and learners. Classroom activities should all be set up to practice one or more of these concepts.

Specifically I believe critical thinking, along side problem solving, Is the most important and will be carried out through higher education and the working field. I truly believe critical thinking and problem solving should be the teachers' focus In the classroom.Everything should be practiced of course and Improved on, but the most Important that is used in all areas of education. I know as a college student the main skill I have of my classes. As a teacher I will design activities that will allow children to practice all concepts like, concrete concepts, abstract concepts, critical thinking, creativity and problem solving. I will mostly put to practice critical thinking and problem solving.

No matter the learning style, I will help my students excel in critical thinking and problem solving by using their strengths.