contact@sjcallahabad. org Class-9th Subject- History/Civics Short answer questions Civics Q. 1. Q. 2. Q. 3. Q. 4. Q. 5. Q. 6. Q. 7. Q. 8. Chapter Political Parties Define a Political party. Give any two ingredients of a political party. Give two reasons to explain why the candidates belong to political parties. Name the three party systems prevalent in the modern world. The bi party system is regarded as the best system for democratic countries. Give the demerits of Multi party system. Mention the two types of parties in India.

What are National parties? Give their importance. Q. 9. What are Regional parties? Give their importance. Q. 10. Differentiate between National and regional parties. Q. 11. Name two national and two regional parties of India. Q. 12. Give any two policies of the following parties. i) Indian National Congress. ii) Janta Dal iii) Bhartiya Janta Party. iv) Communist Party of India (CPI) v) Communist Party of India. (M) Chapter Local Self Government (Rural) What is Local Self Government? What is Local Government? Why do we need a local self Government?

Which committee suggested ways to set up the Panchayati Raj in India and when? Give the three levels of the rural local self Government? Name the local body formed at the village level. Give the Composition of a Gram Sabha. Give the Sources of income of a Gram Sabha. Mention any three functions of a Gram Sabha. Name the executive body of a Gram Sabha. How is a Gram Panchayat formed? Give any three functions of a Gram Panchayat. Name the local body at the block level in rural local self Government. What is a Nyaya Panchayat? What is its significance? Q. 15.

What are the other names of the Panchayat Samiti? Q. 1. Q. 2. Q. 3. Q. 4. Q. 5. Q. 6. Q. 7. Q. 8. Q. 9. Q. 10. Q. 11. Q. 12. Q. 13. Q. 14. Discuss. contact@sjcallahabad. org Q. 16. Q. 17. Q. 18. Q. 19. Q. 20. Q. 21. Q. 22. Q. 23. Explain any three functions of a Panchayat Samiti. Name the highest local body in rural local self Government. Who are the members of a Zila Parishad? Mention any five duties of Zila Parishad. Mention any two achievements of Panchayat Raj. Mention any two short comings of Panchayati Raj. How is the administration of a district looked after?

What are the functions of a District Collector? History Chapter Renaissance. Q. 1. What marks the end of the Middle Ages and the advent of the Modern Age? Q. 2. Define Renaissance. Q. 3. What was the role of the Church in the life of the people during the Medieval Age, Q. 4. What are the Chief features of the Renaissance? Q. 5. Name some fore runners of the Renaissance. Q. 6. What were crusades? Q. 7. How did the Geographical explorations contribute to the Renaissance movement? Q. 8. Where and when was the first printing press set up? Q. 9.

Who was called ‘the father of humanism’? Q. 10. Name the book written by Machiavelli. Q. 11. Who was called the father of English poetry? Name his out standing work. Q. 12. Who wrote ‘Paradise Lost’? Q. 13. Who was called the ‘First Modern Man’? Q. 14. Name the book written by Erasmus. Q. 15. Name the immortal works of Leonardo-de Vinice. Q. 16. Name the master pieces of art of Michael Angelo. Q. 17. Who made the door of Baptistry of Florence? Q. 18. Name the master prices of art that revealed the artistic skill of the sculptors of the Renaissance period.

Q. 19. Name the Statues Carved out by Michael Angelo. Q. 20. Name the churches built by the Renaissance architects. Q. 21. Give the examples of Renaissance architecture. Q. 22. Name the leading musician of the Roman School and his book on music. Q. 23. Name the famous musicians of the School of Venice. Q. 24. What was John Kepler’s contribution in the field of astronomy? Q. 25. Give the inventions of Galleo and Sir Isaac Newton. Q. 26. Who discovered Carbon dioxide? Q. 27. Name some inventions of the Renaissance period. contact@sjcallahabad. org