Privacy and security are two things that are hard to find on the Internet today.

Many debates have risen concerning the personal aspects of the Internet. Should you have privacy on the Internet? Or should companies have the privilege to gather information about you? I believe that your privacy and personal security should be top priority on the Internet. Companies should not be able to invade your private life simply because you visited their company website. However, privacy invasion has been commonly linked with Internet use. Many companies are able to gather personal information on those visiting their website, and also selling such information to others for profit. As extreme as this may sound, this has become a continuing trend on the Internet.

There are many ways that consumers can gather information about you. One simple way is thought e-mail scams. E-mail scams are very similar to those that one receives over postal mail. They both promise some big reward and in order to enter in this "contest" you must send in your personal information. Others e-mail schemes include subject like "Get rich quick!", which only promise money, but end up being scams.

Another type of tool companies use to gain your personal information is something called a cookie. A cookie gathers information on what site you visit frequently and what your tastes are. This can be a power tool for consumers, but severely invades your personal privacy. On the Internet, your personal life is simply marketable data.

This is what bothers most people. Some people feel threatened by every move they make on the web. They almost feel like one wrong step on the net can ruin they personal and social life. Currently, Microsoft and other businesses are using a new form of technology to gather your personal information. Instead of having to input your name, age, ZIP code, and other facts, this information will now be stored on your hard drive.

If any company decides to find out more about the visitor to their site, they simply access this personal information. This kind of technology could anger people. Using today's technology, people have access to one's personal information via the Internet. This kind of information is readily available through certain websites.

The Internet makes it possible to type in a persons name and find their address. In return, this could be a potential tool for stalkers thus creating more fear in the minds of people. Even though this tool could be used as a way of finding an old friend, it can also result in negative repercussions. New laws are being passed in order to bring personal security on the net.

Without these laws, the future of privacy invasion could be devastating. For example, you go apply for a job and you get rejected simply because you visited a pornographic site within the last year. This example might sound extreme, but it could happen if the rules are not changed.