------------------------------------------------- Recruiting a Manager for BRB Israel 1) ------------------------------------------------- Have the two subsidiaries ever collaborated together before? Is there any incentive to collaborate / harmonize the two operations now? (15%) ------------------------------------------------- According to this case, UK and US subsidiaries never collaborated before.

Even their corporate cultures are different, which means that they do not share any values and have no common beliefs.Also, their organizational structures are different, which means that their chain of command is not the same. Lastly, their recruiting processes are not the same, because these subsidiaries have very independent Vice Presidents of HR. However, right now these two subsidiaries have an incentive to collaborate, because they have a common goal to achieve.

This goal is to find the best candidate to fill a position of a General Manager for the Israeli operation. If UK and US Vice Presidents of HR are not going to achieve this goal, there is a high possibility of one or both of them being fired.Since, it is very difficult to fill out such position, it is a benefit for them to collaborate, and find right person for the job. As well as, the collaboration among them was an actual order from their CEO. 2) | potential for cross-cultural adjustment| willingness to relocate| psychological contract clarity| Acceptance of micro mngmt | basic technical and managerial skills| Tolerance of political preference| Joel Goldberg| Knows culture since lived there and is practicing Jew| Wants to retire in a couple yrs in Israel| May expect big salary due to experience.

May not stay long enough to reach effectiveness| Outside of the company so there might be some difficulty in acceptance| 35 years exp. (CEO). May not get along with CEO due to personal expertise| Studied in Israel, is familiar with living conditions | Robert Kyle| May be difficult due to lack of knowledge of culture. But has been an expat elsewhere so has potential to adjust.

| Has had expat experience so has had openness to relocate. May resist due to lack of knowledge of culture| Been with the company for 20 years; more loyal due to expat experience with company| VP of BRB’D radar elec. Dptmt. 5 yrs. Headed other divisions internally.

Got great reviews from CEO. | Has a PHD from MIT| No political instability experience but thanks to international experience the capability to learn is possible| Rochelle Cohen| Is an Israeli and has expat experience. Worked for an Israelean company. | Wants to move back to Israel to be with family. | Will be having children so may want to stay once asgt over.

Issues with children may arise| No mention, assume she is an outsider which can cause problems with CEO| No management or technical experience| Is an Israeli and has connections to government.Can easily adapt to political situation| Michael Flack| No intl experience and no interpseronal skills| Not mentioned but assume not willing since no experience| May expect more of a lab job than an admin one. | 19 yrs with BRB but inattention to administration work gives a bad reputation| Degree in engineering. | No international experience so can be a shock to him| Yair Shafrir| Perfect since he is an Israeli and all his experience is there| No need to relocate countries and has often moved from org to org so willingness to change orgs is present| Moves from org to org for promos may not stay long enough| From outside the organization.V| VP at Israel’s top radar firm. May not appreciate CEO mgmt due to exp And culture| Best knowledge| Harold Michaelson| Jewish faith, has international experience in America.

| Wants to move to Israel to be with his mother| May not want to stay if mother passes away| Has American culture knowledge but is an outsider| Degrees in engineering. No mention of issues with mngmt style of CEO | Speaks Hebrew.May have little knowledge of Israeli politics| 1) RANKING| CANDIDATE| EXPLANATION| #1| Harold Michaelson| Has experience and willingness to move which is good but willingness to move is not strong and may not get along with CEO| #2| Joel Goldberg | Only problem is dealing with CEO, which is one of the biggest problems of leaving GMs in other regions. But has a lot of experience so may know how to deal| #3| Robert Kyle| Everything is erfect except for the fact that he has no knowledge of Israeli politics, but has been expat elsewhere so has capability to learn| #4| Yair Shafrir| Is perfect for the job but may have difficulty dealing with CEO which can cause issues and moves a lot from org to org so contract will have to be explicit or attractive for him to stay| #5| Rochelle Cohen| Biggest problem is contract, which can be dealt with by making clear contract. Does not have as much experience as others| #6| Michael Flack| Has technical experience but no c/c training or experience. Only good thing is that he is from BRB and| ) To evaluate potential for cross-cultural adjustment situational interview and cultural knowledge exams such as Big 5 measures of personality, Foreign Service’s PIEP and measuring of the emotional and cultural intelligence will help.

To evaluate willingness to relocate you can ask the candidate if they are willing to move but in Canada, due to privacy issues, an org cannot ask about the family. So it will be good to give a realistic job preview listing all the negative sides of the international experience and the culture of the host country so that the candidate can self-select out of the assignment.To evaluate psychological contract clarity again, it will have to be clear to the candidate what the job description will be and ask them if they are comfortable with it. There are no official selection tools to evaluate the clarity of the psychological contract.

Tolerance of CEO Management: survey on tolerance of micro-management and through interviews Technical and Management skills: reference check about experience work well for administrative work. As for technical work, check degrees as well as reference checks about experience are measurement tools. Political instability tolerance: situation interviews and emotional intelligence exams