One can say that political philosophers have been a vital part of society today. The contribution that these philosophers have made towards political governance and streamlining government systems has been notable. However, as much as political philosophers are essential in society government needs autonomy in its decisions.

Thus, there is a need to regulate the rate at which political philosophers interfere in the operations of governments and government institutions. Philosophy is a field that is essential in the world of academics today. The contribution that philosophers have made towards the bank of knowledge is immense. Similarly, philosophers have made a massive contribution towards ensuring credibility of theories, arguments, and assumptions. Society is facing a several moral issues today that need urgent attention from institutions such as the church, the family, schools, and government.

Without the intervention by these institutions, immorality, which is the most pressing issue in the present society, will get out of reach. Philosophers need to come up with working theories that explain the changes in the moral values in the present society. This will help in coming up with working solutions.