A program is a series of steps to be carried out for goals to be accomplished. In other words it is the group of activities directed towards achieving defined objectives and targets. A target audience is a group of people that are targeted by business organization, advertising campaign etc. for appealing there product.

Waterfront job requires well knowledge in respect of protection of ship and protection of environment. It also included as how to avoid fire danger, prevent corrosion and electrolysis, follow safe procedures during fueling etc. So handling of all these activities require well equipped knowledge with the working of waterfront. Thus, from the above points it is clear that the position of person working as a waterfront is highly technical and risky as person is always play with his life while performing any of his duties.

A pilot program includes the creation and use of new business associate classification. This program helps to distinguish different class of people on the basis of certain factors. There is lots of scope in waterfront job as there is growing interest in this field and new ideas are generating everyday. The course in relation to this undertakes a long apprenticeship training which makes the person expert in his field and to face any difficult circumstances. The persons undergoing this training are in great demand due to their special feature of job and also provide them opportunity to grow big in the respective industry. It is very appealing to young peoples who are adventurous in nature and always ready to take the risk. The job provides lots of scope for promotion in their field to members.

If a person wants to grow his position into big and great, waterfront job provide a lot opportunity to achieve the target. The person holding the position as waterfront is in great demand due to function performed by Waterfront fitness Specialist working with various ships is to provide fitness assistance for physical program.

As stated in the question that less persons are going on training under this area. His indicates that the job is not much focused or paid attention but takes in him immense scope for attracting more and more person for training. The sum of money received in this job is very handsome due to its risky behavior but this special feature helps to increase the people for training. The position of waterfront is earlier seen in west coast but in recent days east coast are also actively involved for training position. The people are more and more becoming aware of the advantage of score in respective field comes to undergo training.

The person acting as a trainer to attract more and more individuals in this job around the world a person is needed a four year degree from authorized university with a major in exercise physiology, physical education or related field. Must possess current fitness certification like (American College Sports Medicine (ACSM), Cooper Institute of Aerobic Research, National Strength and Conditioning Association, American Exercise Council (ACE) or other nationally recognizing certifying agencies. In depth knowledge of the principles of training to be imparted is needed. Ability to perform maintenance and minor repairs of fitness equipment are extensive oral and written communication skills.

There is lot of scope of this course in university and colleges as young peoples study there and always willing to take risk at any cost. The money in this job is quite handsome; this will drag the attention of students. Therefore it is very successful to launch this internship program in the universities due to fresh environment and enthusiastic manner. The internship program time period is very long and very deep practical knowledge is imparted to the persons. With this training they become quite confident to take their task in effective manner. Thus, it is easily conclude that initiating of training program in universities and colleges is quite successful by dragging attention of maximum numbers of person for training.

Generally the company imparting internship program hire the same persons whom they provide training by providing effective job according to their area of interest. So they trainer can tap the resources from local universities and colleges by set up an internship program in the campus of university and hiring them for job increase the personnel in the respective field. With the internship program it is possible to appoint individuals after their program is completed and put qualified individuals on the areas and ships. The students completed their graduation can opt for this training at their own campus and after depositing the specified fees. The providing of training at university and college campus is very intelligent decision to tap the young talent in this field which is emerging field. This provides immense help to students who doesn’t know a bit about this training and course, so it is very convenient for them to take deep knowledge of the course.

Therefore, the above mentioned program is immensely helpful to the entire newcomer trying to take any such internship training or program. The success is guaranteed of providing training to students by trainer by its unique feature and freshness of the job. So the decision to impart training for waterfront job is very correct and very successful.


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Dated 19th September 2007