After reading The Eagle and Hawk Roosting, there were several differences and similarities that I noticed between them. Some of these brought them closer to each other while others made them more independent of each other. In both poems the main characters of the hawk and the eagle seem to be aware of their surroundings in a humanistic way. The Eagle, while being much shorter than Hawk Roosting, is still able to impart the feeling that he is the master of his domain.

I think that Hawk Roosting, however, is able to give more relatable sensory details than The Eagle because of the perspective that it was told from. Because of the first person point of view in Hawk Roosting the author is also able to use personification to make himself seem more important. In The Eagle, a sense of importance is still present, but it can be overlooked because of the third person point of view. While only The Eagle uses rhyme, the rhythm in both poems helps to move the reader through it.

They both have sensory details for sight, but I think that Hawk Roosting uses the sense touch in a very personal way with the phrase “My feet are locked upon the rough bark. ” While both poems impart a feeling of power and majesty, they convey different parting experiences for the reader. Hawk Roosting ends with the hawk believing that he is the master of everything. The Eagle, I believe, finishes with a sense dignity.