In "Pledging Allegiance to Peace" by Tony White, he begins by explaining that the majority of Americans take their patriotism very seriously and are utterly offended if anyone denounces ones' pride in his or her country. White then goes on stating his view on patriotism and how it causes many problems in the world, including religious teachings. In the following paragraph, he says the feeling of patriotism in one's country is Just as shameful as one being egotistic about oneself, which is often looked down upon.White then states that patriotism "clouds our Judgment", therefore swallowing the people to optimistically see other countries' side of view on things and unquestionably thinking their perspective as infallible.

This in which inevitably becomes detrimental to the coexistence of an equal environment for other beliefs. He also says that it allows the citizens of our country to be taken advantage of by the leaders in charge due to putting so much trust in America. Read also Federalist Papers: the Violence of Faction essay.

Following this, White presents the example of the USA Patriot Act and how the misleading title draws American citizens in, but little do they know that it really goes against the laws established for the good of the community. He goes on to put forth the clarity that Americans show love by displaying flags on holidays dealing with war but many emblems aren't presented on other holidays dealing with peace in the country.White then presents himself as a victim of patriotism and admits that he supported the Iraq war due to being lead to believe that it was ceasing terrorism across the world. He also admits to being under a dubious state of mind and goes on to say he realized that he was taken under by the deceiving idea of patriotism.

White then brings forth he idea of the pledge and that no one, especially Christians, should devote their lives to neither a materialistic object nor one nation knowing, technically, there are many nations under God.Following, White states that many are taught to believe that the USA is great without knowing the faults. He goes on to say that patriotism divides the world and ultimately makes Americans culprits of natives. Also, if every country were patriotic, it would cause conflict among all nations.

Next, White states that patriotism leads citizens to somewhat eulogies war due to heroic soldiers defending heir country. White says that these so-called heroes are trained to kill, yet still have a good moral sense about themselves.He goes on to the subject of religion and how the Bible delivers the message of loving thy neighbor, while patriotism is the opposite. White then explains that giving one's loyalty towards any government in power is acquiescing to using military force to declare war at anytime. In the next following paragraphs, White goes on explaining the reasoning of Christians and how they are men of God, which contradicts the essential meaning of patriotism: being en of one's country.

Next, he Justifies that not even limited forms of patriotism are okay because it's still encourages violence. White goes on to effortlessly say that patriotism is bias. In the next following paragraphs, White explains why dissent is patriotic because without it there is no process of thought, which ultimately comes down to the absence of rational discussion. He explains that many citizens of America love the "idealized version of the United States" with the ideals of fairness and freedom that the country has never truly expressed.

White next examines the U. S. Constitution receiving the credit for the abolishment of slavery when it wasn't the document, in fact, it was the heart of the people. The author then goes on to say that it isn't necessarily good that patriotism keeps nations together. The following paragraph deals with White's viewing of world peace and the substitution of patriotism to the unison of all people: humanism.

Lastly, White ends his excerpt by asserting his idea of "universal love" which would unite all people under Divine right and under God himself.