Currently a YouTube video has got the attention by the people over at the Realscam Ponzi buster forum, in which a former pitchman of the Profitable Sunrise Ponzi scheme claims that he joined a new program that is Hong Kong based and “1,000 percent better” than Profitable Sunrise or Zeek Rewards.

The pitchmen does not identify the program he is talking about in the video which has a length of 14:32.In his video, John Schepcoff claims that he has put $8,225 into this “amazing new program”. He is also claiming that he has lost more than $193,500 in Profitable Sunrise but is holding out hope that Roman Novak, the supposed operator of the Profitable Sunrise scam, will somehow resurrect the program.It is especially interesting how Schepcoff tries to “brainwash” people in his video not to make him responsible for any future losses. He is advising again and again to “stop blaming others and say ‘I am responsible!’” It also seems to be important for him to point out again and again that he is “so happy” and “really, really happy” he got into this new program.In his video, Schepcoff is also claiming that he is some kind of financial advisor and that he can show people how things are done.

How good he is in his job can be seen by looking at his past story: “When I heard about Profitable Sunrise in December 2012 I basically ran to my bank, and I couldn’t get the money in fast enough.” Just a few months later the scheme collapsed and assets worth several millions have been frozen by the SEC.It appears that the promotion of Ponzi schemes gets more and more common on social media platforms like YouTube and Facebook. By having a closer look at this fraudulent “industry”, one will notice that more and more pitchmen are going away from the well known Ponzi promotion resources to the “main stream” social media sites. This is a really dangerous thing, especially for people who do not know about such things and can get easily sucked into such schemes, loosing all they have in the worst case.