The CREW Stage Manager Jo King Assistant Stage ManagerUriel Smart Creator/Writer NH Graphic Designer Kenny Dewitt Costume Designer Uta Mann Set and Props Crew Starr E. Sky Lighting DesignerWanda Rinn Sound Crew Dinah Might Dance Crew Jim Class Makeup Vic Toree DresserNeil B. Formi Acknowledgements The script, Life of Ps was made possible by my AP Biology teacher’s assignment.

If not for her, I would never have sat down and composed a four page script about Photosynthesis. I would also like to thank my supporting family for listening to my complaints and frustrations throughout this process. My gratitude goes out to the AP Bio Facebook group as well, for answering all the questions I had about Photosynthesis. Thank you all very much. The CAST In order of appearance *Narrator *Thylakoid Lila *Calvin Cycle Cal Water H-Two-Oh *Electrons *Oxygen Oxi *Photons Tony *Photosystems II and I (respectively) *Chlorophylls A (P680 and P700) *Hydrogen Ion The Hydrogen Twins *Ferredoxin *Cytochrome Complex *Plastoquinone *Carbon Dioxide *NADP+ and NADPH *NADP+ Reductase *ATP Synthase *ATP and ADP + P *Ribulose 1,5-bisphosphate (RuBP) and RuBisCO *3-PGA *G3P *Glucose Biographies Main characters (Alphabetically)

Calvin Cycle: Three phases occur here: carbon fixation, reduction, and regeneration Chlorophylls A (P680 and P700): reflects green light, and absorbs red and blue light to being the process of photosynthesis Electrons: transported through the Electron Transport Chain for the production of ATP and NADPH Glucose: ATP from the Light Reactions are used, with the addition of hydrogen ions to CO2 to make glucose. Narrator: Narrates the play Thylakoid: interconnected sacs and membranes within the chloroplast that contain enzymes involved in Light Reactions Water: is split to release electrons, hydrogen ions, and oxygen