Firstly, they determine the size, scope, and resource that are required for the project.

Information systems projects are started In organizations by first establishing the project Initiation team. This Involves organizing an initial center of project team members to assist in accomplishing the project activities. The project team establishes the project plan. This defines the required to organize the Initiation team while It Is working to define the scope of the project.In order to have an organized approach or process, they must analyze what's going on. Then design a solution to the problem, and finally monitor and control.

2. The organizational information system Is related to company strategy because It exists to help organizations achieve their goals and objectives. It is also determined by it competitive strategy. Strategy affects the information system because there are information services resources that apply to a strategic business opportunity in such way the computer systems have an impact on the organizations products and business operations. . Jims next step should be to create an information team and delegate responsibilities amongst them to come up with ideas for the "No Customer Escapes" project.

Benchmarking improves performance by identifying and applying best demonstrated practices to operations and sales. By benchmarking the company, it will help Jim and his team to determine how the company is fairing compared to its competitors. After that Jim will have to implement a new information system that would attract new customer to the organizations.