One of their chemists named Vic Mills back in the sass's really disliked cleaning his grandchildren cloth diapers, so he Egan to study how to make diaper changing easier. After many trials and errors, P finally developed a product that parents were pleased with in how they worked and the price. The diapers that were developed were named Pampers; "A better product fulfilled an unmet consumer need, delivered a better user experience, and created better total consumer value" (Lately & Martin, 2013), Pampers later got some competitors (Huggins and Luvs) which they had a better shaped designs, and gained some of Pampers consumers.

Pampers changed their design and put in millions of Lars into the design and marketing strategies. The new ultra Pampers was a success and put them ahead of Luvs, but not Huggins. Each of the company's designs was very similar which is not a real reason to switch diaper brands. In July 2013, Pampers launched a new campaign called "Love, Sleep, and Play"; this campaign gives parents a chance to share pictures of their babies to many people over social network.

Parents can upload pictures of their baby loving, sleeping, and playing in their diaper brand, and once this is done Pamper will choose pictures to post to their efferent social network pages. "Mary Woods, communication manager of North America for Pampers, says social is a natural environment for the brand's customers because It's where they already converse with other parents, as well as with the brand. " It is important to promote this promotion on social networks because this is their products. We're fishing where the fish already are versus trying to create platforms where we know it's going to be difficult for her to search out that information. " stated Woods communication manger. Not only do they promote this new campaign on social networks.

Good marketing tactics for Pampers to promote the use of their diapers is to create mobile and web banners to promote current campaigns, current sales, and new products. Social media sites are a good place to post videos of commercial ads, and loyalty members with their babies.Emails, paper mail, postings on social media sites can be used to promote upcoming events in local areas. The special events could be used to promote new products, doing presentation in a childbirth/parenting classes, or presenting products in stories where the products are being sold. The targeted audiences for Pampers are latherer providers to help promote to new parents why their products should be chosen above all the other brands.Caretakers of children who wear diapers be another target audience to promote why they should continue to use the Pamper brand or why they should switch over to their brand.

Their secondary targeted audience is anyone who purchases the products for a family and friends with babies (for example for a baby shower). For Pampers, developing a good call to action plan will help to develop a good relationship with their parents so that they may give them he things that they want in their product. A good consumer relationship also helps the company to have loyal customers.A way to develop a relationship with the consumer (call to action plan) is to create a loyalty program that gives out coupons, rewards, and free samples. Once a person becomes a loyal member this allows direct marketing to these participants by sending out emails and text that are specifically for them and paper mail with helpful information. Text messages can be sent out to the loyal members with exclusive coupons or notifications of special promotions.

Applications can be created for phones and androids to make accessibility easier for members.Because people are becoming more mobile, creating a mobile application will make access to Pampers' website an easy access. For the application, I would not only use it for access of the website, but also a communication section for parents, exclusive coupons, and access to purchase products online. I would also make the application able to load up pictures for the Love, Sleep, and Play campaign; most people now use their phones to take photos, so using the application to upload strictures online will make the accessibility of the campaign simpler.

Pampers has been very successful at their direct marketing strategy. They have been successful at reaching their target audience by giving them important information to gain loyal customers by developing a good relationship. If Pampers were to implement marketing strategies that gets there, consumers involved to make them feel like they are important individual customers they will continue to grow with their business. Not only will getting to know the consumers be a positive for the consumer it will also e a positive for the company as well.By getting to know the consumers the company can learn what their consumers like and dislike in the products.

Once they have figured out this information they can conform their products to the wants of the consumers, which means gaining more consumers and a rise in sales. In conclusion setting specific goals is the one of the most important things for a company's success. Direction of which way you would like for the company to go in.