| Type of |Example |Description |Purpose | |information | | | | |Verbal |Telephone, Face to face |Telephones are used to conduct live conversations with another |Telephones are used in Lambeth Academy for teachers to | | |meetings |individual. |contact each other and to call parents when necessary. | | |Face to face meetings are where two individuals have a |Face to face can be used to give students feedback for | | | |conversation where they can both see each other face to face. |their work. | |Written |Letters, Reports |A Letter is a written form of communication which is read by an |Lambeth Academy use letters in order to inform parents | | | |individual which is presented on paper. |of any information that is vital for them to see. | | |A report is a written form of communication that is which is |Reports are used by Lambeth Academy to inform parents | | | |made with the intention of based on recent events. |about their child’s current progress in school. | |On-screen |TV Commercials, Plasma screens |A TV Commercial is a way of portraying a message to potential |Lambeth Academy don’t use TV commercials as they aren’t| | |for digital display |customers in order to gain awareness. a large organisation that needs to attain awareness | | | |In a firm, plasma screens can be very useful as they can portray|from the public. This form of communication isn’t | | | |messages for employees as they walk passed. This enables to keep|necessary as Lambeth Academy doesn’t need to compete | | | |up to date on current notices. |with a rival. | | | |Plasma screens are useful to Lambeth academy as they | | | | |use them in order to deliver important messages and | | | | |achievements for students. This can motive them to work| | | | |harder. |Multimedia |Web Conferencing, Internet |Web conferencing is used to conduct live meetings through the |Web conferencing isn’t a means of communicating | | | |internet. This is a very useful way of communicating with |information in Lambeth Academy as we don’t have the | | | |someone if they’re not in the same region as you. Web |technology in order to do so. | | |conferencing involves using sound vision through a webcam and |The internet can be very useful in a class room. For | | | |microphones. |example in Lambeth Academy, teachers may use the | | | |The Internet is a worldwide system of computer networks that can|internet to present information to students in the form| | | |be used to attain information. |of text from a website or a video off YouTube. | | | | | |Web-based |Email, Instant messaging |Emails are electronic mail. They’re sent through the internet to|Lambeth Academy use emails to contact other colleagues. | | | |reach other respondents. Emails can be sent to a large amount of|This is done in order to keep teachers up to date on | | | |people at one time.

This makes it easier on the sender if the |current issues that are formulating around the school. | | | |individual needs to send the same information to a number of |Lambeth Academy doesn’t have any need to use instant | | | |people. |messaging as it may distract employees and students | | | |Instant messaging is a web based form of communication that is |from doing their work. | | |used to share information instantly through the web. People are | | | | |able to communicate via the through the internet if two | | | | |recipients have the same software as each other such as MSN or | | | | |Facebook. | P1 M1 Verbal Communication: In terms of giving students feedback from within a classroom, face to face communication is the most efficient way of doing so. There are a number of reasons for this. If a student and teacher were to have a face to face discussion, the student would be able to grasp more information compared to if the teacher was to write down all of the information instead. Face to face enables the student to ask questions if he or she is confused about anything work related.

Whereas if the information was written down it may lead to confusion of the student which will then lead to incorrect answers. From the reasons that I’ve stated, face to face communication is a more reliable and relevant way of communicating Other than in the classroom, face to face communication is used throughout various scenarios. In parent evenings verbal communication enables the teacher and students to have an in depth discussion about the students’ progress so far in school. Any queries or concerns can be brought up by using verbal ommunication. Whereas if the conversion was delivered through a telephone, the parent wouldn’t be able to understand and see the teachers hand gestures or facial expressions. These factors contribute to the overall outcome of the conversation. Written Communication: When sending confidential data to students, a letter is the most effective way. Due to the contents of certain documents, only specific people are necessary to view them. If the documents are sent by mail it can reach specific people without anyone else seeing them.

Whilst on the other hand if the school were to fax the information to the student’s home, it enables anyone that picks up the paper from the fax machine to be able to see it. Another addition to written communication is the fact that hand held documents enables the user to constantly look over it as much time as needed as it’s recorded and can be referenced at any time. This is one of the key features of written communication. If the information was verbally communicated to the individual, it could lead to some information to being misheard or forgotten and could have been vital to the discussion.

On screen communication: On screen communication has many advantages. Through using plasma screens throughout Lambeth Academy, it enables large audiences to view the information at once. Plasma screens are placed on the ground, 1st and 2nd floor of the school. Due to the variety of students and teachers that continuously walk passed them, it reaches a large number of people. When we compare plasma screens to emails, in this situation plasma screens may be a more liable source of communication. The reason for this is because the information displayed on the plasma screens are more general and implies to most of the people in the school.

If the information was sent through email, people may discard it as junk causing them to ignore it overall. Multimedia communication: This type of communication is used to convey information through using sound and video. In a classroom multimedia communication is a good way of engaging the class. By using YouTube in an educational manner, it’s possible to gain the attention of all students. Whilst written communication is a good way of conveying information, students may get bored causing them to get side tracked which will lead to a loss in attention. This will cause the aims and objectives to be lost.

Web Based communication: This type of communication is used in order to communicate messages over the web. This can be done in the form of emails. Lambeth Academy use emails in order to communicate with other teachers and colleagues around the school. Through using emails an individual can send a mass amount of information to a wide range of people in an instant. D1 In this assignment I’ll be talking about Coke and the strategic decisions that they’ve made in order to retain and attract new customers. In 1982 Coke decided to break into a new market by introducing a lighter version of the original Coke.

The name of this product was Diet Coke and would be aimed at people that were health conscious, but at the same time, still enjoyed the taste of Coca Cola. This was done to explore and fill a gap in the market which increased both market share and revenue. During the years that Diet Coke was in production, the company realised that Diet Coke was only attracting female customers. This was a huge error in Diet Coke, so the company made the decision of creating a new product that attained the needs of male health conscious customers.

Coke Zero was produced in order to fill this gap. Therefore with all the above information in mind, this issue encouraged Coke to come up with some strategic planning, hence them entering a new market with a product that is aimed specifically at men that were interested in sport or who lead healthy lifestyles. Coke managed to attain data by acquiring comprehensive market research. Before Coke Zero was put on the production line, data needed to be gathered. During their market research, Coke decided to ask males whether they buy Diet Coke, the answer to this question was no.

There are various reasons why this could have occurred. First of all, the name. The name ‘Diet Coke’ doesn’t appeal to men as it gives off a feminine impression. Also the way that the product is packaged and advertised. Diet Coke uses various techniques to target women. One way in which they do this is through using young male models (usually half naked) cleaning windows or doing some kind of masculine activity, such as maintenance. This attracts the attention of female customers and draws them in to buy the product.

In order to make this product a success, Coke had to maintain data on whether or not they was any demand for Coke Zero on the market as there was already a similar product which was produced by their main competitor, Pepsi (Max). Thorough research was done on Pepsi Max in terms of their sales and their male attraction. This was done due to the two products aiming a similar product towards the same audience. After all the research had been done towards the needs of Coke Zero, a meeting would be needed between the people at the top of the hierarchy of Coke.

Looking at all the data that had been gathered by Coke’s research team, it was decided that there was enough room in the market for Coke’s new product to be released. After the idea of Coke Zero had been established, it then had to be run through the finance department in order to assess whether or not it would be efficient to release this product during this economic climate, at this time period. After the decision to release Coke Zero had been established, Coke had to think of an effective marketing technique which would draw in sales for the product.

This was done through specialising their Coke Zero advertisements to appeal to men. This can be seen through their commercials, where they keep their male audience’s attention by adding explosions and adrenaline pumped sport activities. All the information that Coke gathered has been productively used in order to make Coke Zero the best it can be. This was done through using thorough research based on areas which aided the production of Coke Zero in terms of potential sales and demand. [pic]