Mostly everything in our world is based on outer beauty of people and
objects. Society has a fixed image of beauty. Woman should be skinn with blond
hair, blue eyes and men should be tall, dark and handsome. We are controlled by the
media like characters in video games.

They program us to buy into certain products
Teenagers are the most superficial of all age groups. Many of us choose
boy/girlfriends because of their looks. Sometimes teenagers wont become friends
with other people because they look different. Teenagers tease and pick on
people who arent like them. We buy clothes just because they say Tommy or Nike
even though they outrageously expensive and bad quality.

Teenagers just want to fit
in. They are afraid to be different. As we become older looks play a role in our lives
but not as much as when we are teenagers. Some people gets ahead in the job
Why do we put so much emphasis on how we look? Many people blame
magazines and T.

V . You never see ugly people in adds in magazines. Also in T.V
and movies 90% of the people are pleasing to look at . But beauty sells, so thats
what we get. Its the gimmick that companies have us hooked on, If you buy this
you will look just like the person in the ad.

Everybody is guilty of be superficial. We all want to be beautiful. Most of us
judge people by there looks. Everybody sometimes wishes that they could change
something about their self or be someone else at one time. But everyone has their
own thoughts and beauty is in the eye of the beholder.Our world will always be superficial.

There is no way in the near future that our
image and the huge role appearance plays in society will change. New trends will
come in and out, they will sell and make tons of money. Television will still run on
beauty. Beauty sells, so it will be here for a long time.