Film Version of Oryx and Crake Jimmy- Joseph Gordon Levitt To play this role the actor would have to be very reserved at times but also very emotional at others. As well he has to be willing to take the backseat to Crake which I think Levitt would be willing to do. Levitt also has sex appeal which Jimmy shows throughout the novel. In 50/50 Levitt showed his incredible ability to show emotion in easy and tough times which would be perfect for Oryx and Crake.

In the Dark Knight Rises Levitt plays the lesser role of Robin which shows the he is willing to play a role in the background. Snowman- Christian Bale For snowman it is important to be a grim figure, which shows through his face and emotion how depressing the situation he is in really is. Christian Bale visually would portray this very well because his facial hair can be very not kept which shows the struggle of the new world.

In Batman Begins when he is training his image is not well kept and even the way he acts conveys the message that there is not a lot of hope which is perfect for this role. Crake- Ben Whishaw For this role it is crucial to be a very flat character and not show a lot of emotion. At the same time this type of character will tell quick jokes that not every gets, resulting in a quirky type of humor. Ben Whishaw would convey these character traits perfectly because of his natural facial expression and also with the type of roles he typically plays.

He is a very skilled actor who’s most recent movie is We Need To Talk About Kevin which is a suspenseful thriller, in this movie his character is very subdued and does not talk a lot with slight tweaking to some of the traits he showed in that movie he would be a perfect fit for Crake. Oryx- Brenda Song Oryx is a very mysterious character who is far from innocent but shows very closed minded tendencies as she does not like to acknowledge past traumatic experiences that she has faced in her life.

This character would communicate with Oryx because she is an Asian actor like Oryx and she also has large sad eyes that you feel sad for which will complement the role nicely. Brenda Song acted in the Social Network where she has sexual relations with one of the characters which will prepare her for Oryx’s sexual role, but apart from that she acted decently in the Social Network and with the role of Oryx she does not have to show much emotion. Jimmy’s father- George Clooney Jimmy’s father has trouble connecting with his son but he is a very social and intelligent person.

He is also a very sarcastic person and when he interacted with his wife it revealed that he is very quick to anger as well. George Clooney would represent these character traits fairly because of his rewarding career he can do just about anything, with his smile and straight hair it conveys that he is social and with certain outfit changes he can appear as intelligent. He is perfect for this role because of his character in the movie The Descendants where he plays the father in a dysfunctional family similar to the one in Oryx and Crake.

This shows that he has played a similar role in his career and he would surely be up to the task. Sharon- Susan Sarandon Sharron is a very rebellious character in the novel, which at the same time shows her courageousness standing up to major Compounds to get a message across. She is the type of person that will not stop until the job is done. Susan Sarandon is perfect because she is confident and brave person who is a strong woman that will convey the character traits of Sharon.

Since she is an older actor the role of mother fits perfectly with her because she is a nurturing person but because of the red hair of think of someone more rebellious. In her role in Thelma and Louise it shows that she is ready to play a more rebellious character, this is also proven in Rocky Horror Picture Show as this was a very controversial movie. Both these movies show that she can make brave decisions and is not afraid to be courageous like she has to be in this role of Sharon. This is a perfect role for this actor.