The problem today is why the computer interface hasn t changed in the last thirty years. The problem with today s computer interface is the way it is laid out and manipulated. The interface of today still requires a desk and chair, giving an office atmosphere (Harmon).

For today s users this reminds them of work, or in some cases, the interface can be cumbersome. The interface is very awkward on how it interacts with the human counterpart. Experts say that if we don t change the interface, we could cover a blossoming flower (Harmon).Researchers are amazed that with all the gains in computer technology, the interface has remained virtually the same.

With the Internet becoming more and more structured, the basis for new interfaces will be derived from interfaces on the net (Harmon). Many experts want people to have the ability to show their abilities, or become part of a community at a touch of a button. New interfaces will be designed like BOB, (Harmon) a Microsoft program that provided a computer with a personality. Technology will eventually make the computer a devise that we will be unable to live without. For some people today, they can t.

With the solution derived, a computer will feel as comfortable to use as a broken-in shoe (Harmon). The type of research used is the qualitative approach. This problem solving class uses judgement more than number crunching. It is derived from the feeling of current users, and their problems of current interfaces.

The tools used in the decision making process are Expert Judgement, and Intuitive approaches. The expert judgement uses the expertise of one person to forecast the needs of the future. Many players in the field have given the same solution to the interface problem. Intuitive approach is used with the various software companies mentioned. They have groups that get together and brainstorm new ideas for the software interfaces.

My personal opinion is that there is only one way to solve this problem and that is the qualitative approach. There is no way to number crunch any type of numbers with meaning. They are on the right track with making the computer more human and easier to use. In order for more people to buy computers, interfaces must be made simple. In essence it is like the VCR it was at one time impossible to program. Now with VCRplus three numbers does the trick.

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