Nazar, Bombata History, Per 1 10, 28, 12 Nazar, Bombata History, Per 1 10, 28, 12 Muhammad the Great Once upon a time there was a young man named Muhammad who was 18 years old. He was one of the youth that lived amongst the nomadic tribe in Ghana. They were well known for griot storytelling mainly about his great ancestors and their relationships with the kings of Ghana and Mali. One night when a member of the clan was telling Muhammad about the story of Sundiata, the first king of Mali and how he organized a powerful army and captured the former capital of Ghana, Muhammad, was very intrigued.

They talked about how Sundiata expanded beyond Ghana’s old border and was a great force. When Sundiata fell a new leader named Mansa Musa who was Muslim and had spread Islam came into power. The story continued to describe a pilgrimage to Mecca and how upon returning to Mali, Mansa Musa rode on a horse with 500 slave’s dresses each in silk and all carrying gold staffs. He brought back 12,000 slaves, 80 camels and 300 pounds of gold, the story got Muhammad thinking.

The next day Muhammad and his family went out into the savannah to hunt for animals to trade. But Muhammad decided he would go on an adventure of his own and leave his clan so he could do all the great things Sundiata and Mansa Musa did. After a day of hunting with his family, he had enough food to last him a whole year. So Muhammad left his clan and decided to go where all the great leaders went-Mali. In 1365 Mali was known as Songhai many years past and Muhammad was now 23.

He had been able to learn from what Sundiata & Mansa Musa did so he followed in their footsteps. Muhammad became very close to Sunni Ali (Present king of Songhai) he was his helper. Soon Muhammad had studied all of the kings of Mali and Songhai like Sundiata, Mansa Musa. By now Askia Muhammad was in power and the new king. Muhammad forged a strong relationship with him. When Askia Muhammad died and his son took over power, because Muhammad had now been known by many and stood by the side of many strong and powerful kings.

It was a natural transition that Muhammad became the new kings right hand man. As the years passed Muhammad helped expand Songhai and make their government stronger, the center of trade and education. Muhammad was a wise kingsman he was powerful and well respected... Muhammad was happy that he was able to follow his dreams. The key here is to never be afraid to follow your dreams, learn from others to be able to achieve all that you want to be.